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Edwyn Kendrick - Bard & Dilettante

Started by Harlwystyr
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Name: Edwyn Kendrick

Race: Breton

Age: 32 (Born 2E 550)

Birthsign: The Lover

Origin: Born to a merchant and his wife in Shornhelm.

Occupation: Bard / Dilettante

Relatives: Edwyn has a few relatives back in Shornhelm, although he prefers not to speak overmuch about them. It's reasonable to assume he had had some sort of fallout with them, yet remains in loose contact.

Brief description of appearance: The bard has two almond shaped eyes that sit above high cheekbones. His overall posture seems to be that of lazy boredom. He spots a full and curling beard which appears slightly darker in colour than his wavy brown hair. His cloak and leather trousers look relatively clean and in good condition compared to his dirty boots.

Religious Point of View: Edwyn prays to all of the Eight Divines, but appears more invested in Dibella's teachings than the rests'.

Political Point of View: A wandering bard and with a so-called happy-go-lucky attitude, Edwyn doesn't invest himself much in politics. Whoever is the reigning lord of the region he visits doesn't mean much, as long as he can keep out of trouble with them. As for the war, it's a frightening event that he'd see an end to as soon as possible.

Loves: Women, music, wine, peace, visiting new places, and living off the good will and money of others.

Hates: Overprotective noble fathers, the Alik'r, being chased out of a city or establishment, staying in one place for too long, and Evermore.


Edwyn Kendrick, of the Kendrick family of Shornhelm, is the son of a wealthy merchant driving a lucrative business shipping spices from Hammerfall to High Rock. As such it is fair to assume that the young man didn't exactly need much in his youth, but he nevertheless claims to have become bored with the "high life" of political maneuvering, traditional doublecrossing breton parties and what have you.

At the age of fifteen he left for Evermore. He spent the first few years as a dockhand, at first excited with the prospect of manual labourer, but found it falling short of his good graces. Due to a growing facisnation of the bardic arts, the next step was naturally to hone his apparent affinity for song and poetry - a feat he accomplished by paying for his education with the money of the seperate lovers he kept - noblewomen across the city, whose emotions he had proved particulary capable of manipulating. The only thing he neglects to mention is that this aid in his rising success ironically also proved to be his downfall, as several of the local nobles now had put bounties on his head. At that, Edwyn Kendrick thought it best to provide his bardic services to the rest of Tamriel.
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Loves: Women, music, wine, peace, visiting new places, and living off the good will and money of others

Sounds like a Sanguine worshipper to me!
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