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Effects not showing?

Started by Shadowthrone
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
so i've decided to install skyrim on pc. so it automatically detected that it can run on ultra high settings 1920x1080 reso. the problem is the dragon fire that alduin breathes on the starting scene is notvisible. here's a reference for the scene, skip to 11:20. and also the water on whiterun isnt. also dragon soul absorption effects can't be seen. :|

my current specs : i5 2500k @3.30ghz, 8 gb mem, asusP8Z68-V mobo, GTX 560 Ti. and im using a samsung 23" monitor.

my friend is also running almost the same spec but with 550ti, i3, and lower mobo and he can see the fire breath and the water on streams and whiterun :(. any ideas why i cant?

my drivers are up to date :|
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well. i got a simmilar problem on Xbox. its been a year now, and the game is just getting worse. it crashes more ofthen, and i have a ton of visual glitches such as weapons not showing or NPCs standing fara way from where they are supposed to be. i mean what is this BS. games arent supposed to get worse with time... that doesnt even make any sense.
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