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*Einsof* [SG/ Oceanic based] International Guild Recruiting!
*Einsof* [SG/ Oceanic based] International Guild Recruiting!

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Einzo.
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About *Einsof* [SG/ Oceanic based] International Guild Recruiting!
[Image: all.jpg]


.: Introduction :.

Einsof Gaming is an established Active Gaming Community that has forged itself in many games. We are a community of Passionate Gamers. Our Guild usually range in hundreds to a thousand members, depending on the games’ quality and Guild system. We may be a large community, but we keep things organized. We have also gained recognition by some indie game developers who approached us to test their games. We have our own website, forums, facebook, twitter, youtube, VOIP and more. We welcome both casual and hardcore Gamers! :)

.: Our Own Customized PicBadge :.

Picbadges can be added to your profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

[Image: borange.png]

Click here for more colors

.: Our Own Customized Display Image :.

These custom-designed display images can be used for in-game spray, msn, skype, facebook, twitter profile pictures, etc.

[Image: esfgpicbadgegreen_s.jpg]

Click here for more colors

Click here to join Einsof Gaming

.: Features :.

Proper Website
Proper Forums
Voice Chat
Social Media

.: Guild Info :.

[Image: esfeso.jpg]

Guild Name: Einsof
Guild Tag: [EsF]
Guild Main Base: Singapore
Guild Region: Global International
Guild Language: English
Guild Faction: Daggerfall for now (unconfirmed). We are letting our Guild members decide the Faction via a poll here. We may establish our Guild in all 3 Factions if we have enough manpower and population.

Click here to join Einsof Gaming The Elder Scrolls Online Guild

.: Guild Council :.

Guild Leader

Guild Officer

.: Guild Status :.

Guild Recruitment Status: OPEN

We are always actively recruiting! Come join us with your family and friends!

.: Guild Objectives and Structure :.

1) To be the most awesome Guild around for it's members.

2) An organized Guild with proper website, forums, voice chat program and much more!

.: Join Us On Our Social Network and Groups :.

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Steam Group

Twitter @Einsofworld

YouTube Channel

RaidCall Group ID: 3540514

.: Our Raidcall :.

[Image: xxLAvn4.jpg]

.: Our Games :.

Full Game List @

.: Our Legacy :.

6Days7Nights in World of Warcraft
BabyBluez in Shattered Galaxy
Einsof in Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Aika Online, Alien Swarm, Dragonica, Legendary Champions, War Of Angels, Dragon Nest, Battlefield 3, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Age Of Wushu, Warframe, RO2, Path of Exile, TERA, Neverwinter, Defiance

"A Guild is Nothing without Its Members, like a Country is Nothing without Its People" - Einsof

To know more about us, you may check out

For any feedbacks or contact, you may email to:
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*Einsof* [SG/ Oceanic based] International Guild Recruiting! Comments
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Get to know more about us

We have just updated our 'about us' info. For those who wish to know more about our Gaming Community, you may take a look @

We are a community of Gamers who play a large variety of games together. Most of us are from Singapore but we also have a mixture of people from US, AU, EU, MY and more! We are an international Gaming Community. We are looking forward to play plenty of up-coming games together with you! The Elder Scrolls Online is one of them! We welcome you to join our Gaming Community!

Join our Network
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Our Guild recruitment is still OPEN and accepting applications! We can expect to see a healthy amount of members in the Guild when the game officially launches (approximately 100 or more). Our Guild usually have at least 100 members in most games we play. Most of us have been playing games together for a long time.

For example, check out our RC channel. 100++ members in RC. Including Guild members who are not using RC, we usually have 200++ online at peak hours when games are freshly launched (provided the game is good and can attract people to play).

[Image: rc8.jpg]
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Early Access: For people with early access, early access starts in less than 3 hours. Countdown timer:

Guild Information: Server: US | Faction: The Daggerfall Covenant

We are still OPEN for recruitment! Apply for Guild @
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