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Eira Ketilsdottir

Started by Eira Ketilsdottir
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname - Eira
Surname - Ketilsdottir
Title -
Sex - Female
Age - 26
Birthday - 6th of Rain‘s Hand, SE 556
Birthsign - The Mage

Occupation - Eira is a healer.

Faction - The Ebonheart Pact, With her loyalty belonging to The Bromlokiir Clan.

Appearance - Eira has golden eyes and shoulder length dark hair, which is kept neat and usually a braid on the side. She has 3 scars on left check and is short for a nord, standing only 5'4".

Armor - Eira wears a soft green cloak which has been passed down from past generations on her fathers side. In combat, Eira wears chainmail and wields a sword, another heirloom from her father.

Personality - Eira is kind hearted but not a push over. Although her focus is in healing, she isnt afriad of fighting and will stand up for the weak and ill treated. She does her best to be nice to everyone, even if she has to bite her tongue to hold some comments in.

Best Memory - The day Eira learned of and started to develop her natural healing ability. Followed closely by the day her father started teaching her the skills of the sword.

Worst Memory - The look on her mothers face as her heart broke upon hearing of the death of Eiras father.

Skills - Eira's best skill and main focus is her healing. Followed by her ability to use her sword and offensive magicka together in combat. She started to learn at a very young age how to protect herself with sword and magicka. She isn't that good with a bow, since she always prefers using the sword that had belonged to her father.

Challenges for the Character - Speaking up for herself more.

Political Point of View - Eira believes she was given her healing ability to aid all of those in need. She will help all races, outside of the battle field, of course. Only fellow Pact members once in combat, with clan members at the top of the list.

Religious Views - Eira isnt sure of her religion any more.

Social Background/Backstory - She has traveled many places looking for a place to call home and always helping those in need.

She finally found her home with The Bromlokiir clan.

Clan member of The Bromlokiir
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Good to see you finally got it up! Good work.

Vahlok of The Bromlokiir Clan.

Come and join us in the Hall of the Bromlokiir, Kinsmen!
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Ebonheart Pact
Tamriel could always use more healers! It seems Eira is the humble sort but possesses a strong conviction to her craft.

Character Profiles:
Endaros Ilmori - Buoyant Armiger
Sunrio - Aldmeri Justiciar

Taren Jucanis - Imperial Deserter (Used for The Black Shroud RP)
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Not Set
Well done Eira! ;3
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Daggerfall Covenant
No longer a religious type, hm?;) Nice work!

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