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Ejohelm Thorsvn-Grimwulf

Started by Ejohelm
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Given name - Ejohelm
Family name - Thorsvn-Grimwulf
Titles - Commander of the Wulfen, The sword in the North, Heir to Grimwulf Manor
Sex - Male
Age - 23
Race - Nord
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - Average height, wide shoulders, lean waist. Fair hair, ice-blue eyes. Wields Fang, a hand-and-a-half forged in times past, whose blade never dulls. He wears the pelt of a direwolf that he killed defending his sister when he was 12.
Personality - Charismatic, proud, and loyal to the core. A natural leader who prefers to fight at the front, beside his pack-brothers.
Social Background/Backstory - The eldest of the three sons of Hrogarr, who sits upon the Grimthrone and wields the Grimblade. He trained from the age of 6 and was inducted into the ranks of the Grimwulf at the age of 12. He quickly rose throughthe ranks through his bravery, strength, intuition, and skill with a blade. By the age of 15, he was a member of the Wulfen, Grimwulf Manor's elite guard. When he came of age 2 years later, he was named Commander of the Wulfen and his linneage was revealed to him. Hrogarr accepted him as his son and named him his heir. Since he has assumed command of the Wulfen, he has only lost one battle, the Battle for Howling Pass. He vowed never to let down his men, and his family again.
Best Memory - When his father, Hrogarr accepts him as his son.
Worst Memory - The Battle for Howling Pass, where hundreds of his kinsmen perished following his orders and the battle was lost.
Skills - He was born to lead lesser men and his skill with a blade is unequaled in all of the North.
Challenges for the Character - Sometimes, a leader must let other men fight for him.
Birthsign - The Warrior
Religious Views - There are no gods. There is no afterlife. There is only war and death.
Politics Views - King Jorunn chooses the battles, the Grimwulf wins them for him.[/quote]
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