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Elder Scrolls Characters (Advanced)

Started by Lazarus T Grimmtower
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Hello everyone.

I've been a huge Elder Scrolls fan since I first saw my friend Daniel playing Morrowind, trekking around Gnar Muk. His Nord warrior cloaked in brown robes. It was hard to appreciate the rough graphics and bleak visuals, even at that time, but the scope and depth of it all escaped me. I didn't yet understand the profound nature of the Elder Scrolls format. But upon sitting down and asking question after question, I began to realize the gravity of this game. After about twenty minutes of discussing the game's merits, I was convinced this was the future of Roleplaying Games, and the greatest game ever made by an obvious margin. Nothing would ever be the same... How could I ever go back to linear, "Hold my hand and I'll walk you through it" sort of games in which every new file started was a perfect carbon copy of the last in terms of what I do, where I go, and how it ends up when the dust settles? It would be extremely difficult for many years to enjoy and respect any game from a vision and work ethic standpoint. But the Classic gamer in me will never die (comes with being born in the 80's).

When Oblivion was released, my soul blackened a little. One of the biggest disappointments in video game history. Not because it was a bad game, but because it neglected to include the greatest, most prolific magic system in any game, ever made, period. Yeah, yeah, I know! It was too good! Ridiculous, in fact. My theory is Bethesda wanted to take the franchise into the MMO genre after the immensely successful trial run on consoles. Morrowind was released on Xbox for that purpose alone; to see how it would translate to consoles (the primary source of revenue in the gaming industry). You'll notice how from III to V, the magic system became more and more tame; Skyrim's being truly meagre and unremarkable by comparison to that of Morrowind. Can you picture an MMO with Morrowind's magic system?
"Hey, where did that guy go? I was just violating him with my Battleaxe... OUCH! WTF was that? Oh... He's flying around, raining arrows into my face... Huh... Should have taken that into consideration when I created my Nord Meatshield."

It wouldn't do so well on a multiplayer platform, as '1 trick pony' meatshields are the most popular RPG characters, and if you have a sword, and I have Morrowind magic, I win every time, no matter what. I could take 10 of your characters alone and win without taking 1 point of damage... Because my guy can sustain flight while using a bow. PvP overkill.

All that being said, Skyrim was a great game. After Oblivion I learned that you cannot compare anything to Morrowind without setting yourself up for disappointment.

I have two primary Elder Scrolls characters that I've developed far beyond the scope and parameters of the game. I love these characters. My experiences with them trump that of any other, by a drastic margin. Everything I do in game is reflected by their personality, and the experiences which changed them in-game (this method of play developed during my 2nd Morrowind file using Lazarus, because he's that great of a character to use in these types of games).

I'm a creative writer, have been since '06. I create characters, worlds, and plots all the time. It's a passion of mine. So that's why I have developed my characters this much. It's a habit.

My main character is a Battlemage created for Morrowind. Unfortunately, Skyrim's magic system is so uninspired and bland, I couldn't bare to punish and humiliate him by forcing him to complete the game (such a shame, as the Mages College was great!) So I created a Redguard nomad who washed ashore in Cyrodill years ago, having no memory of who he his. This helped me just play and have fun; look at every choice and experience through a fresh, undefined lense. In other words, I didn't have to do everything as Laz, who I know FAR to well now. Sometimes I get annoyed because the dialog options don't make sense for him in those intense storyline moments. I had a basic idea of the Redguard's personality, he's more righteous and prone to be the hero than my Battlemage, who borders on the villainous side.

My first and favorite character is Lazarus T. (Tyranikus) Grimmtower, Dark Elf Battlemage and sworn enemy of the Imperial swine. Most noted for his volatile temperament, obsession with all things Dwarven, and creative mastery of spells and enchantments (I became VERY good at finding and exploiting loopholes in the vast, flexible spell tree of III). An avid collector of anything he can pick up. Known to stash caches of items and return for them after freeing up some carrying capacity. Hobbies include alchemy, exploring Dwarven ruins, treasure hunting, and reading. Above all else, Lazarus collected books. Knowledge was his weapon, and fascination. Much can be learned about Tamriel from the volumes of books scattered around it's landscapes.

In the early days (of playing Morrowind), I thought of him as being counted among the top sorcerers in Tamriel. I still sort of feel he's the best Mage of his era, I haven't met any NPC in the games who comes even close, especially now, given the state of the magic system, he's certainly more powerful than any Mage Skyrim is capable of producing. But his skill with a bow was remarkable as well. Admittedly, I neglected my melee skills severely, but it's worth noting that he was skilled with a two-handed sword (I used the 2H Katana in Morrowind, and twin Blade's Swords in Skyrim for the brief time I used him in Skyrim before retiring him from all titles except III).

Lazarus has a complete disregard for the Gods, and anyone who knows the story of the Dark Elves, knows why that is. He is anti-social, reclusive, and harbours a dislike or hatred for certain races of Tamriel. Imperials more than any other. A deep hatred resides in his heart for Imperials. He takes great pride and joy in killing them, usually in ways that are painful, prolonged, or generally brutal. He'd even kill a pregnant Imperial woman, 2 for 1 Special. (I go deep with characters, in no way is this an extension or reflection of myself, that would be my Redguard in ways).

To him, Redguards are little more than submissive Imperial dogs; pets of the Empire. He takes no pleasure in killing such weak, feeble minded souls, but a subject of the Empire is all the same to him.

Nords are also a subject of disdain for Grimmtower. For all their physical might, they are weak-minded, simple fools. Hardly demanding of respect.

He also harbours resentment toward High Elves and their elitist ways. Truly deplorable, grotesque creatures to his logical, free spirited sensibilities.

He is also annoyed by his own race, having also let the Septim scum rape their land and people, instead of fighting to the death in the name of freedom. Above everything in the world, even knowledge, he values the freedom to live and die how one chooses.

Lazarus devoted a large portion of his life to investigating the Dwarven mysteries, trying to understand what happened to them, and where they are now. The possibility of ascending beyond this realm of existence fascinated him, fostering into an obsession... a sickness of sorts. It became his primary motivation in life.

Lazarus could never be considered a member of any factions, guilds, or organizations. He infiltrated many for his own personal gain, but his loyalty has been only to himself for a very long time.

He is a Member of the House of Grimmtower, an old House of Morrowind long exiled on false grounds; victims of a political skirmish. They fled to Elsewyer, where Lazarus should have been born. His mother, while along in her pregnancy, claimed to have had a vision; a message from the Gods. Her son will be a great hero of Morrowind, and must be taken there to be born a true Dunmer. Tyranikus Grimmtower and his young wife head to Morrowind in secret, hiding out with a friend in Balmora, where Lazarus Tyranikus Grimmtower was born on a starry Frostfall night. On the journey back to Elsewyer, his mother becomes ill and dies just before the Hammerfell border. Lazarus is raised by a shell of the man he used to be. His childhood is not pleasant. Tyranikus blames him for his wife's death; all this prophetic "take him to Morrowind" shit! He would be raised away from his family, unaware of his mother, or her vision. He would grow up believing was a disgrace. A weak, simple bastard Tyranikus found in the wild, left for dead.

Wasn't long into his adolescence before he packed a small bag, took his father's blade, ran him through with it and set off to find the Grimmtower family.

It's a long story, but they accepted him, found him to be primitive and embarrassing. He travelled Tamriel for 20 years before returning to Elsewyer. His brethren ultimately betrayed him after having learned of Tyranikus' death, selling him out to the Empire (The Grimmtowers are major enemies of the Empire, as well as the Houses of Morrowind and the Thalmor), where he rotted in prison for many years. This is when we find him in the beginning of III, as a prisoner aboard an Imperial ship docking in Morrowind.

After the end of III, he travelled Tamriel again for many years, returning in the end to Elsewyer, the land and people he loves more than any other. But before he could truly retire and become a teacher and scholar, he had to make things right... and massacre the House of Grimmtower, a ragged house of fork-tongued dogs. He did spare the youth, children, and his cousin Lupin who had sent him letters in secret every season while he was in prison. Lupin was also old enough to remember what had happened to Lazarus, and what the others were like. He could rebuild the Grimmtower legacy with honour.

Lazarus died peacefully surrounded by his wife, cousin, son, two daughters, nieces and nephews. His last words: "Someone fetch me my things. I'm going to see the Dwarves..."

Love this character. He's developed a heart over the years, compared to the ruthless, indifferent animal that got off that boat in Morrowind.

Anyone else have a very developed character they'd like to share?
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I was told this was the undisputed home of the Hardcore Elder Scrolls Super Fan...

Was I lied to?
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(June 9th 2015, 06:10 AM)Lazarus T Grimmtower Wrote: I was told this was the undisputed home of the Hardcore Elder Scrolls Super Fan...

Was I lied to?

Back is TESOF's prime (A.K.A. Before ESO was Pay 2 Play) this place was the best site for ESO news and it was GREAT!

But now, it's sadly going under, with a few die-hard TESOF fans like ragnar-ice blood and Isilmo staying around.

If you want super fans, go on over to:

Long live the Pact, and Death to le Queen
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Yeah r/teslore is a brilliant place, the best elder scrolls discussions happen there.

Mer Over Man
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(June 9th 2015, 06:10 AM)Lazarus T Grimmtower Wrote: I was told this was the undisputed home of the Hardcore Elder Scrolls Super Fan...

Was I lied to?

Not really, sort of, the person was just a little behind the times, as alien138 said.
Actually, TamrielFoundry was the most popular ESO forum, but had a few BIG caveats. They don't allow you to start a new thread on an already discussed subject, and if they don't consider your thread "important" enough they will delete it and tell you to post in their minor issues thread - meaning you can't have your own, and many ppl won't even bother looking at your post. What's more, you have to be VERY careful what you say there, and how you word it, if it is construed as being combatitive or non-constructional they will delete it and possibly ban you. So this WAS the biggest alternative - before

Last spring/summer there was a shift to the elderscrollsonline forum. It's unfortunate, because some ppl can't be frank and say what they really want there. For instance, you can't 'badmouth' the game except to point out a few specific gripes, diplomatically. What's more, you may need an account there to post, I'm not sure; so I think ppl who are considering buying the game can't ask questions there. Anyway, like he said, a few of us die-hards still scan this forum occasionally, but don't expect a quick answer here now.

I see you are a heavy RP'er. Unfortunately, ESO is not a great RP game. The choices you make in ESO regarding RP are frivolous and meaningless. What's more, they have made all the race choices "vanilla," meaning there is very little difference in what race you choose. Unfortunately they decided that all races should be "equal," and they nerfed all the racial bonuses. In Beta they started out trying to make a perceptible difference between the races, but near launch they reduced the racial bonuses, effectively making all races somewhat equal (except Altmer, Dunmer, and Bosmer still have a slight advantage due to their magic-resistance or magic bonuses).

It's rather sickening what they have done to make all the races similar, they have taken our modern-age "racial equality" paradigms and applied it heavily into ancient Tamriel, effectively throwing away most of the racial lore of The Elder Scrolls. Now Orcs read books (you see them in their camps), and are often whimps. It's funny that I see books in Orc camps all the time, but almost never in Argonian camps. Dunmer no longer despise and enslave Argonians, they live in "peaceful" harmony. You never hear of any race badmouthing Khajiit domestic life, and they don't even call them "litters" any more. You no longer see Khajiit or Argonians with an addiction problem. Skooma, and moon sugar, has been effectively removed from the game; although at rare points they depict smugglers of it, you can't pick up any of it. They have made the non-Argonian, non-Khajiit, and non-Orc character models too similar to humans, there is very little difference now, almost imperceptible. They have reduced the pointed ears on elves. It's really a shame.

As far as RP goes, I am not much of an RP'er myself. I have noticed though, a guild in-game that is heavy on RP: Blue Skooma Role Players. They are an Ebonheart Pact guild, and used to RP in the tavern in Mournhold, I think. I would see purple RP text on the zone chat when in Deshaan. I haven't spent much time in Mournhold for many months now, but when I have been there I haven't seen any of it - but I may have been there at the wrong times. It's possible that the guild is on the decline, but they still keep a guild trader/kiosk active every week, so IDK; you might try to get into that guild.

When it comes to combat, I also have to fault ESO: You can't just grab a non-magical heavy weapon, such as a sword or mace, and hack-and-slash your way through the game - even if it is enchanted. You MUST use "abilites" to win. And abilities are magic. So this is a heavy-handed "you must use magical-type weapons to win" approach - not talking about just enchantments here, am saying magical "abilites" (magical attacks/spells) and/or magical weapons such as staves. That's too bad. I would like to make a heavily-armored conventional weapon (but enchanted) knight build, who doesn't use magical spells (including DK abilites). The exception to this is the bow. You can archer yourself through the game, even when attacking enemies that get 'in your face.' And of course you must use magical armor (set bonuses and/or enchantments), but that's OK and understandable.

At launch the character classes were heavily unbalanced, some classes were totally unusable (nightblade for instance) - and the patches since have showed it was due to bugs that weren't giving them the attacks and defenses they were supposed to have. But instead of fixing them, they nerfed the other classes. Then they fixed the bugged classes many months later, after adding Craglorn and other features. By that time most peeps had given up on those toons and had other toons at vet levels. Templar and Sorcerer ("sorc") were king. Since then they have nerfed the Templar a bit, in an attempt to make all classes equal. And still the sorc is still a bit stronger than the rest IMHO, with the possible exception of Dragon knight ("DK").

The advantage of having a familiar to divert enemy attacks while you fire back at them is just a huge advantage for the sorc - in PvE. There used to be many bosses that just couldn't be vanquished - alone - otherwise (they have nerfed many of those too). In PvP it's a bit different, the familiar is not so much of a help, but still the sorc or DK seems to be the only viable winning classes, with the Templar great for healing/shielding support only. And apparently most peeps know this, as it seems that most are sorc. This is highlighted by the frequency of groups asking for a 'tank' (or a healer), most tanks are DK as that class fits the role well - but don't get me wrong, there is no shortage of DKs. Every group of 4 or more (PvE) NEEDS a healer, and Templars excel at that, and can 'hold their own' solo as well. There isn't quite a real shortage of Templars in the game, but it's very close to that, I rarely find that 2 Templars are asking to do the same group event at the same time, and sometimes no Templars, but other classes can heal too, just not quite as effectively.

However, all said, I do love ESO a lot.

Well I'm out of time, GL to you.
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Skyrim conquerer. Morrowind and Oblivion vet. Long-time single-player computer gamer W/custom-made hi-perf OCd PC. Mostly RTS and a few action games.
Noob to MMOs.
Crappy satellite Internet very laggy pings 700-1000 not god for gaming, can't play most online games but ESO works good enough.
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Love your characters, and how well you have them fleshed out. Sadly, as the others have pointed out, this site is not what it was prior to the release of the game. It has been steadily dwindling over the past year.

I too have found that Morrowind is a pivotal, and never to be seen again, game structure. I have spent 10 times the hours playing Morrowind than I have Oblivion or Skyrim (and they were both good/great games, just not as good as Morrowind), and that was on the Xbox, without access to the myriad of mods they have for the PC version. I have seriously considered getting Morrowind for the PC, just to try out the mods, even though I know the graphics will be severly outdated at this point (but hey, maybe someone made a mod for that!).

Here is to hoping that someone develops a game more like Morrowind one of these days, because one of the greatest feelings in all of my gaming years, was exploring some long forgotten cave, and having that levitate potion, so I could get to that hidden ledge, where some legendary loot was hidden (can't remember the name, but I found a one handed hammer this way, that hit like a truck, but was enchanted with feather, so it only weighed like 1 pound instead of 50). Ahh, yes, the glory days of when gaming meant keeping a pen and paper nearby for notes, so you would remember to return to an area later, when the enemies would not kill you in one hit, LOL!

The fires burn. Our supplies are spent. Axes are dull, and armor is rent. The enemy approaches, our doom, they seek. We are Daggerfall Covenant. We are Orcs. Our comrades, they come, for glory they seek, at the side of our iron and steel. We will not fall.
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