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Elder scrolls lore quiz!

Started by Markus Liberty
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Alright! In this thread we show of our skill in the lore of the elder scrolls series in the form of a quiz.
So welcome, the the unofficial TesO forum lore quiz, the rules are simple, you answer the latest question, if you answer correct you get to ask a question.
Alright, I’ll start:
If you where to be born in Hammerfell chances are your family will belong to one of two factions, these two factions are usually ruled by the high king of Sentinel, but civil war and fighting is still common between the two, so my question is, what are these faction named?
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)

Crowns and Forbears.

Youre on your way home in Lilmoth, feeling hungry. But since you are a poor filthy Kahjiit, you have no septim in your pocket, because you dont have pockets, you are a poor and filthy kahjiit what makes you think you can even afford pants?
Oh look, delicious fruits from Morrowind, those will totaly not get you the blight. Slowly you sneak towards the cart and steal one of those delicious Ash potatos, of course they are not delicious, but who are you to judge. youve never eaten proper food in your life, remember? Poor and filthy.
However as soon as your paws lay on your meal, a large burly nord, grabs your arm and arrests you. You did not see him, coming arent all the Guards in Lilmoth Argonians?
What were those Human guards called again? (of course you dont know, youre just a kahjiit, and you will share your cell with an Orc, that will probably eat you)
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