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Elodie the Confidant

Started by Ink
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Name: Elodia-Thea (Commonly known as Elodie and sometimes Dia)

Surname/Family Name:~

Title: The Confidant

Race: Nord

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Occupation: Armorer/Weapon smith

[Image: nords---Copy_edited-1-1.gif]

Elodie wears gloves at almost all times, she does this to protect her hands from getting burnt, scarred or calloused as they are vital to her ability to communicate.
She is 5’6

Personality: Elodie is calm and observant, somewhat outside of the norm for her race. She does not talk much and only speaks when she actually has something to say, upon such an occasion the more intensive listener might pick out the clear elocution in her voice that hints she may of originated from a noble family.
She does not openly share her opinions very often, is generally level headed and strategic she is also quite kind if she feels such kindness is deserved. She has the tendency to stare of into space sometimes as if in another world entirely.
Her title comes from the fact it has become common tradition to make the short pilgrimage to her workshop to talk with her about your problems as most believe she is unable to understand what they are saying and therefore incapable of relaying it, but revealing it to another relives the stress of keeping the secret, those who know her better probably realize that Elodie can understand what they are saying perfectly but continue to confide in her regardless.
Elodie is trustworthy, and does not gossip freely. She is also a loyal supportive friend though admittedly not a talkative one.

Back-story: Elodie reveals very little about her past. She once had a brother who died three years or so ago at the same time she lost her ability to hear. Elodie never speaks of any other family members and if anyone asks as to how she lost her hearing or her brother she will look at them blankly and refuse to answer.
Elodie became incredibly skilled at lip reading, often finding entertainment in the things people said when they believed no one could hear. She can understand speech almost as well as she could previously.

When someone wishes to have a long conversation with her, or the person in question is particularly emotional, Elodie removes her hand from her glove (or they do it themselves) and places it (gently) to the speakers throat in order to better decipher pitch, tone and as an added bonus can place one of her fingers on their pulse to better evaluate the truth of their words. She also occasionally presses her fingertips to her own throat when talking to avoid being too loud or quiet though this is rarely necessary. She and her friends tend to make a sizable sum from travelling bards who do not believe a deaf person can correctly create or identify perfect pitch notes, and are willing to bet on this, resulting in them finding themselves with an empty coin purse.

Skills: Elodie has obvious disadvantages by being unable to hear, however her other senses have adapted remarkably well. Elodie is a crafter of all (most) trades, and a good one at that, with an eager eye for detail she gets genuine enjoyment out of creating anything from a balanced blade to a finely embroidered dress. Elodie specializes in wielding cutlasses and light-medium one-handed swords. She is very swift and agile and uses tactical attacks rather than brute strength. Elodie is not overly fond of most magic however she does use invisibility spells with ease and some lower level healing spells.

Aspirations/Goals/Challenges: Part of Elodie still hopes to one day find another member of her family though she has mostly accepted this as impossible, but she would like to know more about them as her knowledge is severely lacking. As her deafness is off a unusual nature she cannot help but wish to regain her hearing at one point or another, all healers she has ever encountered have been able to do nothing for her as there is physically nothing wrong with her ears. Elodie hopes to one day become a master of her arts and rid herself of this constant need to keep moving from place to place.

Birthsign: The Lady

Guild: Elodie has little knowledge of her family, having only a small insignia on an old cotton handkerchief. Before her brothers death they made a minor breakthrough after paying a beggar a few coins for information. After examining the cloth he gave them a small vaugley confusing lead (being unable to speak coherently) they just about managed to decipher the words Guild and 'brom-' which the man repeated several times. This was shortly before her brothers death, Elodie intends to keep searching.

(XD I do have quite a long back story for her but I have decided not to post it as no other character will know it for quite some time. I know her details are kind of all over the place but I like it that way)
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Great job, Ink! Nice to see you jumped the wagon ;)

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Thank-you ^^ added a little more information about her guild.

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