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Started by Emiaj
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Ok, this being my first character, my first post, my first attempt to write a story, and my first steps into this world of role-playing I need ALL the help I can get lol. I've been reading most of these posts for the past three days getting tips and tricks but I know my work is no where near complete, I'll take all criticism as positive feedback. Thanks in advance Smiling


Firstname - Emiaj [ehm-I-ah]

Surname - Emiaj has no knowledge of his true family.

Title - "Ceyatar" given by his mentor, "mute" given by the bard community.

Sex - male

Race - Bosmer

Age - 23 years [2E 558, the10th of First Seed]

Occupation - Bard, and Alchemist.

Faction - none as of yet

Appearance - Standing at only 5'3", weighing in at 145lbs he is a Bosmer with a bit of heavier build which includes his broad shoulders and tab bit darker than most Bosmer. He doesn't grow hair on top of his head, though is able to grow a beard choosing to do so only to briefly hide the scar under his slightly discolored left eye.

This handsome, hazel eyed Bosmer (ladies, he's single) is usually seen wearing a dark hooded cowl running down to his elbows and a scarf to help him with the cold as it is not his favorite type of weather. The scarf also helps to hide his scar. Although he seems hidden and mysterious the times his face breathes is in towns and holds (if weather permits). His boots and gloves made of leather wrapped in cloth to keep from falling apart, toes and fingers sticking out and heels showing. In cold weather he wraps the cloth around his toes and fingers, also using the cloth as bandages. He carries a large napsack where he keeps his armor, belt and daggers when not traveling. Walking around in a faded blue short sleeved coat and dark brown cloth breeches tailored with leather patches on the left thigh.

Personality - He seems quiet and well kept only because he doses off theorizing Aetherius and all its possibilities, if he isn't caught in the his own mind he is analyzing everything around him (this is why he doesn't like being in the midst of large crowds). Even when speaking to a single person he is caught looking around and sometimes losing his attention to said person. Not to be confused with his attention to detail as he analyzes all around him he can remember most details pertaining to an event, action, or someone's description. The hood helps him concentrate on things standing in front of him only relying on his hearing for what's around his area.

The coin he makes as a bard is usually given to the nearest beggar only keeping a few septims for food. His heart is for the children of Nirn as he knows they are the future to keep Tamriel beautiful.

He tries to steer away from confrontation, if allowed he will just turn around and leave. As other Boiche he feels war is pointless. Only reason to carry weapons is purely defense and survival. With that said he made an oath to defend and protect those less fortunate, usually getting himself into all sorts of trouble and consequences. Using his alchemy skills the poisons he carries are paralysis which he uses on his arrows aiming for nonlethal parts of the body. The knee and forearm are his favorite spots.

Known to be serious in serious moments, he does like to sneak in his quirky awkward ways into everything.

He is a seeker of knowledge and anything new, that is how you can entice him to follow you. Don't try to use him to do blatantly obvious horrible acts. He will sacrifice himself in an instance. Always wanting to be the hero not so he is praised but so the saved will be heros to others.

As a fighter of freedom he has a hatred to corruption, murder and deceit. Though he knows there are certain "evils" that must go forth for lessons to be learned. He claims himself to be cursed as his life has to be lived in content. Luck has had a reminder for what he takes from Nirn he must give.

Social Background/Backstory -
Excerpt From: A Journey of understanding (Emiaj's journal)

"...let's see. From what I remember of the stories the assistant at the orphanage would tell me. I was taken to the orphanage as a newborn with a letter, the sender's name on the letter was Emiaj. So that is what they called me. The letter contained my date of birth and the reason for leaving me there. A year later I had fallen ill to a disease that had been claiming the lives of many. She called on her friend (who was a superb Alchemist) to make a potion to cure me. Hesitant but she still did it, any later I would not be here writing this. Any sooner I wouldn't have these pains running down the left side of my body with this horrible discolored eye. Whatever that concoction contained, it did the trick. The assistant... gosh I wish I remembered her name... well, she told me if I hadn't been born under the sign of the Lord I would have surely not made it through. As a child I can remember playing in the yard with the others, they always made me be the thief. As I grew older I didn't get bothered by it as I was a bit more agile for being the only Boiche in the Blackrose orphanage, possibly being the only Boiche in Argonia for that matter. I remember a time when a young Wamasu ventured into the yard as we were playing, everyone froze. I was just as scared but I felt I had to do something, I ran in between the Wamasu and the others, but before it could attack us our head curator at the orphanage Mim-Kajee took it out with a flurry of magic attacks. That day I made a great friend Saks'r, and as he being the first to consider me as their own the others did the same. I felt Argonian, well... not really. Mush-Maht tried to teach me invisibility. That's when I first learned I was horrible with magika.

At the age of 10 I was sold into a wealthy family in Cyrodiil. Altmer male with an Imperial wife. They seemed to be important people. The house was so big and beautiful but it might have been because I was still a child. Their constant arguing caused me to play in the yard with the flowers and butterflies, or maybe it was the memories I missed with my Argonian family. Only 3 years later they were murdered. It was the first time I saw death of mer and man. It didn't hit me then as I never got to know those parents but the thought of death was disgusting. I thought I was going to meet my death as well since I ran into Rel before he left the house. Yes, his name was Rel. Or... that's what he told me to call him.

A Breton murderer, a thief, a scholar... a mentor. He took me under his wing that day, for two reasons. One, he couldn't kill a child. The other being he couldn't leave me alone as I might tell the guards. I never knew his occupation, I just knew what he had been doing and collecting in his basement. For the next two years I was strictly confined to his basement which was also his library and alchemy lab. He said it was for my protection. He fed me, he made sure I never got sick. I read all his books, most were about Ayleid history and theory, a few books on alchemy and some on magika and theory. This is when I began to make theories of my own, drifting away as I stared at the ceiling thinking about Aetherius. Rel helped me with my quest to become an Alchemist. As I couldn't go outside he would pick ingredients I asked that I read from his books. This is when I had my first accident, which is the cause for my scar. Most people think it's a scar I got from battle or some crazy adventure. No, It was an embarrassing event. So embarrassing, I shake my head thinking about it as I write this entry. So disappointing. Moving along... As he was a really old Breton it was only a few years after that he had stopped what he was doing and turned to teaching me everything he knew. He taught me self defense, how to fight, sneak, steal, kill... it was new to me, I like new. "You're a quick learner" he told me once. Shortly after he tried to teach me spells... that didn't go so well. He did teach me a few lower level spells that could help me. Life detect and muffle, but having little magika I only use it in small bursts. He would take me on a few of his 'research adventures' in Ayleid ruins. I remember one ruin we went into. There was a collapsed room across a hall he asked me "Do you think you can fit in that hole to see if you can find anything worth taking home?", I told him "Yes, but if I die tell my wife I loved her." He laughed so hard. When I went through I had found my first Varla stone, It was a great day. I handed it to him. You should have seen the smile on his face. It's as if he was complete, that was his missing piece. He never told me he was proud or grateful, but you could see it. He even gave me the nickname "Ceyatar", after the ruin we were in. As the years passed he grew more and more brittle. Without him by my side I found myself in trouble constantly. I know the law but from my eyes the law is broken and only made for the rich. I would steal to give to the starving homeless nearby. I didn't mind spending jail time for my actions. As long as those homeless got to eat. When he became bedridden he gave me all his earnings and sent me to schools in Hammerfell and Valenwood to hone my skills as a fighter in his eyes, as a defender in mine. A few months before I was to head back home I got word that he had passed of old age, I was in Valenwood at the time so I decided to stay there and with the leftover coin I had I put myself through school to become a bard.

I've spent 2 years in this school to become a bard. I've been praised for some of my work, it scares me to have that power or to be thought of as something bigger. I don't like it, and feel I don't deserve a reward for doing what I do. This is for me, and for the future of Nirn. This is my life now, through the eyes of me. I like it thus far, I can't wait to do something new. I like new."

Best Memory - The childhood at the orphanage, the words spoken by his mentor.

Worst Memory - Leaving the orphanage, and finding out his mentor passed.

Skills - Although not an expert of any of these skills he feels comfortable with his abilities to use the bow and his daggers. His alchemy skills are great but he is still learning.

Challenges for the Character - He doesn't want to get too attached to others because he knows most paths will never be the same.

Birthsign - The Lord

Religious Views - He follows no religion

Politics Views - the political groups of Tamriel only bring war, damaging the lands. Tamriel is for the people, not those looking to control.
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I have to first off say, welcome to the forum Emiaj. One thing that I saw before I even read the Bio. is that this was your first post, and I have to appluad you for that. It really does take a lot of guts to post (does it?).

I really did enjoy reading up on your character, but I found myself wondering why, he was sent all the way to argonia as a newborn. You did mention of a disease, but was that simply it? I would probably go into detail with that, because that is something that can get people confused.

What I really like is what you did, with the backstory. It was cool to see the "character writing his own backstory". Not only you doing it in first person, but stating that the Bio came from a journal that he wrote. This could help you develop the character even more as time passes.

His personality really shows through his journal. I get the vibe that he is a serious person, but has a little sense in humor. I would really like to see it play out through RPs.

Their are a couple of things that I have in my mind right now. When I look at his personality I find that it is kind of off balance through the experiences he had in the orphanage and with the breton. I would really go into detail how those experiences effected him in his personality. I find it hard to believe that he is the quiet/observent type. You did hint that he is awkward at times, but that is something I would really go into detail with. If I were locked up in a room for years just seeing one other person, which was the person that killed my guardians, I would be socially awkward, and maybe a little crazy. Even though his explaination of his background matches his personality, I would still look into exactly how his background effects his personality.

I find that him hating corruption, murder and deceit, is a bit of a contridiction, since the person that basically raised him was, a corrupted murderer... I am exaggerating a little bit, but you still get the point.

I would also get to the flaws in his personality as well Good/bad, like I stated before. I find his personality a little bland compared to his backstory.

Overall I really did enjoy reading up on your character, and I think you have a great start. I would suggest updating it frequently.


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