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Enochian Order Recruitment Call to Arms

Started by Ironside
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Contact the following individuals in-game about Enochian Order Recruitment:

Guild Leader

[Image: Banner_TatteredOrder_01_800.png]

PC-NA/Global | Daggerfall Covenant | PvX – Crafting – Trading
Actively Casual | Social


The Enochian Order is a global community of gamers and friends. We’re accepting of players of all kinds, casual and hardcore, new and veteran, as long as you’re friendly and interested in having a good time. Our community is typically known as Enochian Technologies, but we’ve chosen to be known as the Enochian Order in ESO – it just fits better.

Our community is grounded in our Charter and is built upon a core set of principles – the five Precepts.

Scroll down to see our Recruitment Poster!

[Image: PlatedHeading_Playstyles.png]

Planning to group up and power level your way to endgame? Not a problem.
Rather take your time to explore and find every scrap of lore as you slowly progress through the world? That works too.

The idea is that these different kinds of players can still support one another without forcing others to adopt their playstyle.

We welcome all types of players and playstyles that align with the spirit of the Precepts. Griefing and creating an overly dramatic environment that diminishes the enjoyment of others is not tolerated, but all other styles of players are welcome. We will likely focus on establishing ourselves in-game at first, but will quickly expand into all facets of the game and broader community, including organizing both Order-exclusive and broader game-wide events for friends and allies.

[Image: PlatedHeading_Features.png]

Fun, friendly community that welcomes all playstyles – PvE, PvP, Crafting, Trading, Everything
Mature, responsible membership that focuses on getting everything it can from the gaming experience
Casual atmosphere – Plenty of opportunities to progress and advance, but we understand real life comes first
Fully developed and layered website with news, forums, chat and member awards
50-slot Mumble server (May switch to Teamspeak if desired by members)
All timezones supported
Welcome new players and show them the ropes
Welcome experienced veterans looking for a close community of like-minded players
Planned support for multiple factions and games, as desired by members

“A league of like-minded adventurers. Every one of us eager for riches and glory.” – Kailstig the Axe

[Image: PlatedHeading_Roleplaying.png]

While RP will not be required, we certainly seek to support and encourage it in those that are interested. The lore and backstory of the community and the design of ETech website were designed with eye toward facilitating roleplaying.

[Image: PlatedHeading_Requirements.png]

Mature and responsible players looking to have fun and enjoy spending time with one another
Register and apply on the ETech wesbite – all official communications are posted on the site
Ability to communicate in English

We are openly accepting of all players that take the time to complete the Access Request form on our website, and new recruits and friends will be welcomed to our forums, voice server and in-game operation. Before being accepted as full members, recruits are expected to acquaint themselves with the community and its members. This gives the community a chance to get to know them, and also gives them the opportunity to decide if ETech is right for them. Once a recruit is ready to become a full member, we ask them to complete a more thorough application and seek sponsorship from an existing member before being welcomed into the Sanctum.

[Image: PlatedHeading_Structure.png]

The structure of ETech is established in the Charter, and again, we’re trying something a little different.
The community consists of Recruits, Members, Officers, an Advisory Council and a Board of Directors.

Recruits – New arrivals to the community begin as Recruits while they check us out and decide if they wish to become full members. Recruits have access to the bulk of our website, as well as chat and voice servers.

Friends & Allies – Friends of the community that belong to other guilds – or perhaps no guild at all – are granted the same access as Recruits.

Members – Full members make up the bulk of the community and have full access to the site, chat, voice, etc.

Officers - Officers are charged to uphold the Precepts, Practices, Traditions and Mysteries of the community and to facilitate the efforts and enjoyment of its members. Officers are granted titles that further define their responsibilities and authority, such as Ambassadors, Commanders and Recruiters. Additional titles will be created as needed. Officers are not expected to be good at everything. If you uphold the precepts, are an upstanding member of the community and have at least one area in which you can better the community, you may be considered for an officer position. Officers also select incoming Directors.

Positions currently available

Recruiter – Tasked with searching for new members that would fit in with our community.
Ambassador – Tasked with maintaining diplomatic relations with other communities, guilds, alliances, etc.
Mentor – Responsible for indoctrinating new recruits and helping them out.
Quartermaster – Manages the in-game guild bank and store. Reviews logs, addresses any issues and makes any relevant award recommendations.
Commander – PvP officer. Provides leadership in Cyrodil, formulates strategies, plans operations.
Loremaster – Tasked with maintaining and developing the lore of the Enochian Order in Tamriel.
Order Historian – Documents and preserves the exploits of members of the Order and reports them to the community.
Event Planner – Actual name TBD. Plans and coordinates in-game events.
Keeper of Mysteries – Tasked with maintaining and developing the core lore of the community.

Advisory Council – The Advisory Council consists of former Directors and five Councilors elected by the community to advise the Board of Directors, ensure that alternative viewpoints are considered, and provide community oversight of leadership actions and decisions.

Board - The Board consists of three Directors responsible for oversight of the community. Directors are required to step down at the end of a three-month term, and replacements are selected by the Officers from among the Advisory Council. Former Directors may be selected to rejoin the Board, and the intent is to develop a system of rotating leadership among a small core of individuals that have earned the trust of the community while preventing anyone from becoming burnt out, ensuring a long and stable future for the organization.

And, uh, apparently we do whatever this guy tells us…
Creepy Prophet

[Image: ProphetCreepy.png]

[Image: PlatedHeading_FuturePlans.png]

Once we expand our core membership, we will vote to ratify our Charter and select our initial cadre of officers.
Once the game launches, we intend to focus on progression to open up the game, helping all members achieve their own personal goals and develop our guild in support of that agenda.
We expect to become involved in a number of other upcoming games as well, based on the interests of our members.

[Image: PlatedHeading_History.png]

Enochian Technologies is a relatively new community – having been created in February 2013 – but its foundation is based on experience. Its founders were previously leaders of a large cabal in The Secret World, as well as officers in other guilds over the years. ETech seeks to combine the freeform, relaxed atmosphere we enjoyed in our old cabal with enough structure to make the new community endure.

We’re excited to take advantage of everything each game has to offer and build a fun and friendly group. Members of our past group came to think of one another as friends and even family, and we hope to engender that same sort of close-knit community here as well.

[Image: PlatedHeading_Backstory.png]

We’ve decided to try something a little different with our community backstory and lore, seeking to incorporate the different facets of a community that intends to extend across multiple games. The basic premise of our organization is a powerful present-day corporation that focuses on research and development – think Abstergo meets Aperture Laboratories. (We’re going to have some fun with this.) Recently the company made a major breakthrough in cross-dimensional transportation, allowing ETech to use this technology to send its agents to a v ariety of exotic locations – including alternate dimensions and worlds that obey completely different natural laws – in search of new opportunities for acquisition and expansion. The company has established a variety of groups and organizations in these worlds to act as fronts for its activities. In the case of Tamriel we have established the Enochian Order.

The benefit of this approach is that it provides a justification in the lore for players that enjoy multiple games and/or characters, as well as those that just stick with a single game. Even players that use the same basic character in every game they play can integrate our backstory into their character, as can players that are only involved in ESO.

[Image: PlatedHeading_Joining.png]

If you are interested in ETech and would like to learn more, feel free to post your questions, PM a member, or visit our website at
To become a recruit and gain access to the site, simply click on the Request Access link or point your browser to
If you would like to access the site and get to know us better, but are not currently interested in becoming an ETech recruit, you can become a Friend & Ally at

[Image: PlatedHeading_MissionStatement.png]

The goal of this organization is to foster an enjoyable, free and honorable online community. We emphasize maturity and responsibility in our dealings with one another, as well as others. We recognize that change is inevitable and improvement is always possible. We understand that members possess different skills and desires. We strive to achieve a balance that enables all members to achieve their goals without unnecessary restriction or complication. We seek to continually develop a welcoming, cooperative and stable community.

[Image: OrderRecruitment02.jpg]
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