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Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by vemnox.
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About Epidemic
Welcome to Epidemic! We are excited you've clicked on over to find out more about us. Below you'll find a full rundown of our most commonly asked questions from recruits. We think you'll find almost any question you could possibly have answered here and, if not, we're happy to answer any other one you can imagine. We hope that you'll find that Epidemic is a good fit for you and, if not now, then perhaps in the near future.

When and where was Epidemic founded?

Epidemic was originally founded way back in March 2011 during the Star Wars : The Old Republic (SWTOR) guild creation phase. We were originally established as members of the guild Revenant. Eventually we would operate under a new name, Defiance. When the mandatory server transfer took place in June 2012, we were unable to secure the Defiance name again and it was at that time we transitioned to our current name - Epidemic. Most of our member base had quit SWTOR by Fall of 2012 and we've been anxiously awaiting TESO ever since.

Are you a PvE or PvP guild?

To answer this simply, both.

What is your playstyle?

We are what we like to call Moderate or, as some refer to it, "Casual Hardcore." Our guild consists primarily of family folks, college students, and other people who have a life outside of the game. Our motto is sort of "we don't play a ton, but when we do we play hard." If you have a life outside the game, but still want to experience all TESO has to offer, this is the place for you.

What is the age of people in Epidemic?

Based on statistics from applications, our average age is exactly 28.2.

What are your specific roster needs?

At this time we have none since classes have yet to be announced.

Do you use Vent?

We will be using a voice service but whether it's Vent, TeamSpeak, or Mumble is still TBD.

What do you expect out of new members?

1. Don't be shy. We're not a clique of some real life friends that just treat you as a statistic. We want you to be right there with us from the start just like you were always there.
2. Be proactive and get involved!
3. Tell us what you need! We are here to help.
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