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Erandur Dreamwalker

Started by Erandur Dreamwalker
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Race:High elf
Appearance: Tall, long black hair, a rather dark complextion with black eyes

Personality: Unpredictable prone to bursts of anger seconds after being completely calm for the most part he is logical and prefers to manipulate over fighting.

Fighting style: uses conjuration and illusion spells to draw his enemies away the blasts them with lightning his favorite form of magic.

As his birth drew closer and closer his mother was struck with endless waves of nightmares depicting her son murdering thousands.
But as he was born the nightmares ceased she cast them aside thinking them nothing more than pregnancy worries.
Erandur was sent to an academy as most Altmer were there he studied a wide variety of subjects. His professors noted his talent for illusion and conjuration magic so he studied primarily those two fields. But it was this action that would ultimately lead to the greatest struggle of his life.
His professor Zarcon was a devout worshiper of vaermina the daedric prince of nightmares and dreams. Upon seeing Erandur he became wholly convinced that vaermina had chosen Erandur as her next priest eager to find out if his hunch was correct he paralyzed Erandur in his sleep and checked his dreams and was pleased with what he found for Erandur's dreams were other people's dreams that he turned into nightmares.
Hoping he did not injure the boy he released his spell instantly Erandur shot up launching multiple lightning bolt at him Zarcon despite his training barely managed to stop such an all out attack the hail of lightning lasted about five minutes before Erandur collapsed from exhaustion. Zarcon moved the boy from the now scorched room and took him to his study. After an hour or two Erandur awoke sitting in a chair across from his master he almost shot anther lightning bolt but he was to weak.
Zarcon calmed the boy and explained what had happened even telling him how he was chosen by vaermina and was to be her next priest. Erandur was stunned but he accepted what his master said seeing how he had no reason to lie. Thus Erandur went to Zarcon every day where he learned the secrets of vaermina and how to master his power.
Eventually Erandur was sent to another academy there he became rash and angry without the comfort of another who understood him he distanced himself from the other students trying to avoid their taunting.
Erandur was one day walking back to his home when some boys from school mugged him and beat him in a rage Erandur struck back he was stunned when he realized he hadn't just punched he had sent a bolt of chain lightning at the boys it passed through each one of them killing the first one and injuring the other two.
Erandur spent a short amount of time in prison until his mother and his professor bailed him out he was removed from the academy and went to live with Zarcon.
Erandur's mental state slowly declined as he developed his ability to see others dreams. One day while in the lab with Zarcon he heard something a faint voice in the back of his head it was vaermina she told him that he must kill Zarcon because he had become corrupt and wished to take Erandur's place as her champion.
Erandur instantly spun around to see Zarcon dagger in had lunging at him Erandur unleashed multiple bolts of lightning sending his master flying into the wall Erandur looked down at his former master who was begging for mercy Erandur fired one more bolt and ended it right there erandur was later questioned and he told the guards that Zarcon had been experimenting on lightning runes when they spontaneously exploded because Zarcon had told the guards earlier that he was experimenting on runes they believed him.
After his masters death Erandur rose to the rank of a professor at the university the youngest to ever do so. He became a very popular professor due to his high use of demonstrations and his common bending of the rules to get his point across.
Erandur later left the university and went to live in the mountains he believed the solitude would help him focus. But later he took on a partner by the name of Arona she had been a former teacher at the academy as he had and was rather interested in the darker uses of magic the two bonded quickly so much in fact he married her and convinced her to become a honorary priestess of Vaermina.
They spent many years together and had a child by the name of Zarcano he was sent off to the academy where he would spend the rest of his childhood.
One day Arona told Erandur of a anceint shine to vaermina in skyrim and said she wished to go. Erandur was concerned but allowed her to go at the urging of vaermina.
Arona died two days later attempting to cross the border to skyrim she had been killed by a small group of Nordic raiders. The loss of Arona hit Erandur hard he stopped visiting his son and his madness started to progress once more. Erandur became plagued with nightmares even with all his control over others dreams he could not control his own as weeks passed Erandur became weaker and weaker Vaermina fearing the loss of her champion granted release at a price.
she agreed to relieve his suffering but in return he must join the coming war between the alliances and spread her religion. Erandur accepted and now waits in the mountains preparing for the war to come.
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Mikalus, quib
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
okie dokie! i love Vaermina i think she/he is a pretty cool daedric prince and i do like aspects of your character, there is one bit i LOVE but you haven't expanded on it. (i'll mention that in a bit)

firstly i wouldn't roleplay someone who is a champion of a daedric prince, there will be thousands and it can pretty quickly remove most if not all depth from your character if you make him this 'chosen one' type of person. try making him a priest of the prince maybe? the part that i liked was your character making his wife a priestess but you didn't expand on this! keep in mind your character is trying to convince his wife to become a zealot for a creature that no one can truely know, most see evil and best of all it causes nightmares. make that a important part to your story! expand on it! was it hard? was she already open to daedra worship?

i would also be careful with some of the other facts you've added ''After his masters death Erandur rose to the rank of a professor at the university the youngest to ever do so. He became a very popular professor due to his high use of demonstrations and his common bending of the rules to get his point across.''. does he have to become professor? and if so does he have to be the youngest ever to do so? does he have to be very popular? basically does he have to be so damn perfect!? :P, in my opinion perfection = meh, there is nothing exciting about perfection! ad some faults in there, he is a daedra worshipper after all

and finally the thing i mention in all bios, where is your challenges for the character section? this is the most important part in many respects. what challenges is your character going to face? how is he going to struggle to achieve these goals?

i look forward to seeing your character expand in the future :)
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inspired by the guy from skyrim I am assuming? He shares striking similarities including name but not same race. Other than wanting to point that out very much agree with quib.

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