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Erik Nyrburethr

Started by Erik Nyrburðr
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
It all started in the colonization on tamriel. During the birth of humanity on the throat of the world, man, set forth in many directions, the nords to the east and north, the various races of Adabal-A to the west, and the cyrodiils to the south. In time humanity would evolve to explore the not so distant continent of Atmora, which, supposedly may have been connected to Tamriel in a Pangaea during the dawn of the Merithic era. In time the proto-nords (Inaccurately known as nede) recolonized Tamriel. After a great incident at Saarthal the first known to my family arrived. Eyvndir Lagsmaðr set forth to create his own clan after the 500 Companions conquered all of Skyrim. Eyvndir thus set to begin his life with his wife and son, he settled himself among the great woods to the south of Skyrim. Eyvndir would become one of those known as “Men-of-’Kreath”. This tribe would be at the time considered the northern tip to the Colovian kingdoms, this idea would stay warm in the hearts of future kin well into their enslavement by the Alyeids. By the Second century of the 1st Era, King Harald is born, and meanwhile a new child among the Lagsmaðr family. This son would be called “Edlrbarn” (Fire-child) for his unique gift with fire and magicka, a gifted trait among the early nords of the time. The first of the family to alter the name to Nyrburðr would be he. Fire-child of Newborn, Eldrbarn Nyrburðr. His last name derived from the hold he envisioned built into the “Pale Pass” of the Jeralls. Here, few could survive, unlike him, so used to fire and warmth with the frost resistance his ancestors bestowed. In time his home became a settlement of families joining together all with the trait of magic and the battle-born heart from the north. Centuries would pass as the settlement would grow strong into a developed minor castle-stead that survived off of raiding commerce, and highly skilled craft. Now, in the year 2E580, Tostig Nyrburðr’s son, Erik Nyrburðr, assumes the role as leader to redefine his clan into a cooperative counciled government in order to take the subverted kingdom of Bruma and work with his clan as near equals for greater domination and rulership over the empire!
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