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ESO - Crafting - Lateral Progression - Crafting System Idea
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ESO - Crafting - Lateral Progression - Crafting System Idea

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Video Comments on ESO - Crafting - Lateral Progression - Crafting System Idea
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I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on the subject of crafting and read your article on CCGC. I like the thought of a progressing profession that gets tougher but also benefits the player by obtaining a "mastery" of the prior skills. As to your thoughts on selling items via an AH or consignment merchant (mentioned in Crafting Articles referenced in the video), I had some thoughts on a unique take. Now bear with me, this is more-than-likely unpractical and maybe impossible but I think it'd fit very well into TESO. Oh and btw, this is probably going to go much deeper than just crafting so be patient with me :) I will be using Skyrim for my examples.

My incoherent thought:
I would love to see a system implemented that has a fusion of guild interactions with crafting and bartering. I think it would be awesome if the devs created pre-designed buildings throughout the cities and towns that were vacant for rent. These dwellings could be rented by guilds only and would fluxuate in prices due to size and location. Buildings would have certain requirements for renting them, bigger ones would require a guild size of 100 members, medium ones a size of 50 members, etc... They would act like places such as Ragged Flaggon, or Jorrvaskr (in Skyrim) but for individual guilds amongst the community. Buildings in larger cities would cost more than a similar building in a smaller town due to prime location; think having a guild run out of whiterun would cost lets say oh, 50,000G/month for a large guild or 25,000G/month out of Rorikstead for the same size house. These could serve as headquarters for individual guilds and if they fail to pay rent they would be evicted and thus the property could be obtained by another guild. Ok back to my thought of fusion. Each of these buildings could have a consignment merchant for the guild that sells its members goods. This cuts down on the amount of vendors but still gives it a personable feeling. This could be a way for people to buy and sell their wares that don't have time to build a symbiotic relationship with other characters. Now I realize this is flawed for those people not in a guild but for them you could implement an AH as well. That way there is multiple ways to barter for goods. This is just a rough idea, I could go on how to fully integrate this idea into TESO but I do not think this is the proper place to do so. I just wanted to give you the very basic outline of my thought and what people thought about it. Yes, I do realize this is very improbable but a man can dream, yes?

If this post is in the wrong place, I'll gladly move it.

Thanks for reading my two cents, Comment or message me if you'd like for me to elaborate because I feel like I barely scratched the surface, I just didnt want it to be too long so people would dismiss it :)
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