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ESO Loot System - Your Thoughts?

Started by Garbrac
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Clarion Call Blog Wrote:Loot distribution is probably one of the hardest areas of running a guild. So many factors need to be taken into account, biggest of course is 'What is the most fair'. How do you determine 'fair' is it the person who has attended the most raids? perhaps the person who is doing the most Damage. Do Tanks and Healers take priority over the DPS? Maybe having a council in place to pick who gets the loot. So many different options are available to Guild Officers / Leaders to help assist them. Of course the system a guild chooses they feel is the best option for them.

New Blog written on the CC Website check it out here., what are your thoughts on the topic?

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I would say members only can spend DKP on items, and every new member have to finish a 1 month trial. This worked best for me.
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The example of a chest at end of quest that has something for everyone who has participated in this quest from the beginning, reminds me of the Dungeons and Dragons Online system, which I think is very fair.

Another good method when you are just casually killing with a small group is to have drop options - taking turns, stating priority of need for dropped item, random, etc. The group members can agree upon which method they wish to employ.

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Group loot where scarce is going to be dictated much more by the relevance of each piece to the whole than by preference of mechanic - at least at for now.

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The "a piece for everyone who participates" style (like in GW2) is easily the best loot system I have seen, there's no drama, because everyone gets something, its then up to the player to trade it for something they want with someone else if they can't use it.

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i dont like epic's falling out of bosses arses tbh. i would much rather see recipes/scraps/soulshards(pieces of soul gems) drop for weapons and armor and in variant qualitys.

every player has access to level three gathering crafts (salvaging/herbing/cooking) and the three production crafts (alchemy/blacksmith/enchanting). each of the gathering crafts has 5 perks to allocate, and each of the production crafts has 10 perks to allocate. ill get back to that.

choosing to level them is purely up to players, but it should work like this...

Every time you use a gathering craft (be it picking flowers or looting corpses) your gathering craft increases, the higher your gathering craft the materials gathered increases, with perks you can choose what type of items you want to increase materials gathered. for example you like collecting iron scraps to make items with iron so you put 1 perk into iron gathering and every iron scrap you loot x5 of someone that is not perked into iron scraping.

same would work for production crafts, but in order to level up you need to craft an item. to craft an item you need 2 things, the recipe and the materials. you gain the materials through looting/trading, you also gain the recipes by killing and looting enemys be that npc or opposing faction players. npc have a loot table for which recipes they drop, but if a enemy player is looted a random recipe from their currently learned recipes randomly drops(they dont lose the recipe) you just loot from their individual loot table. this would bring faction warfare even more rivalry, because if you are killed and looted you are benefiting the enemy faction with new recipes (be that armor/weapons/enchants/potions). best to stay alive :P

perking into production crafts would increase the quality of the items you produce (be it steel maces or glass armor or frost enchantments or fiery potions).

this brings me to my next thing about gear.. i believe all armor should have the same base defence/armor and all weapons types ie iron sword and daedric sword should have same base dmg..why you ask this is why. if u swing a sword it hurts doesnt matter what color it is. my example..
if me and you were both lvl 100 heavy armor skill, i wear ebony and you wear steel plain with no enhancements we both have the same defence/armor rating. now we both perk once into our respective armors, i now have 25% more armor using ebony armor, you wearing steel armor have 25% increase also. meaning we still both have the same armor rating. i want this idea solely because it gives players flexiblity in the gear they choose be it for roleplay or be it for they dont want to raid for daedric armor so they will settle with ebony. this will eliminate the 10000 players running around in daedric armor because players who use heavy armor can perk into the armor they like and be exactly the same strength as everyone else. same goes for weapons.

im sure everyone would enjoy a rp guild rolling up in full bonemeal armor knowing that they arent gimping themselves for not choosing a higher tier of medium armor just cos of armor rating.

this kind of crafting system also means that every material has value, iron materials might not be as sought after as daedric hearts and ebony ore but it wont be like copper nodes in wow(bill gates style by the time u mine it you made more money by flying past it).

my opinion.

oh btw props to shoddycast for bringing up the armor/weapon modding topic i hope that is the path they choose to take means you wont see everyone with the same gear and they make a nice profit selling us item skins. thumbs up for that
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press E to loot. and everyone that contribute should get loot.

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