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ESO [NA] Irontusk Clan RP & ERP / Discord Server 18+

Started by Gor Guzkhal DreadTusk
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Daggerfall Covenant
Greetings seekers of power & lust!

The Irontusk Clan extends it's hand in offering an opportunity for those who seek, power, glory & lust!

We are a multi-racial, all factions inclusive mercenary clan lead by the Warlord Gorguzkhal Deathskull, the clan offers gold, shelter, protection & the chance to delve into the deepest pits of depravity & lustful pleasures.

Whether your lust be battle won glory or that of darker tastes we have what you're looking for & more ..

Speak to @ObsidianScribe in-game or join the discord server


[Warboss]: As a Warboss you will be a general in the Militaristic operations of the Irontusk Clan, the left & right hands of Warlord Gorguzkhal Deathskull, there are two slots open for this role.

[Dread Raiders]: Elite heavy armoured veterans of warfare & battle, the iron-clad bulwark of the Irontusk Clan. Highly disciplined individuals who are expert tacticians as well as front line fighters.

[Shamans]: Warlocks, Battle-mages, healers, wise-men & woman, the keepers of knowledge & traditions of the Irontusk Clan.

[Breeders]: Clan-mothers, breeders are the most prized females of the Clan protected at all costs & privileged to the highest comforts the Clan can provide.

[Choppers & Bashers]: Medium to lightly armoured front line foot soldiers, often equipped with two hand weapons, hand weapon & shield or great weapons. The core of the Irontusk Clan's mighty force used to descend upon their foes with lightening speed & bestial ferocity!

[Shooters & Scouts]: Medium to lightly armoured ranged warriors, often equipped with short bow or long bow & a single hand weapon. Rain death & havoc down upon the enemy from afar or scout out their location in the cloak of stealth.

[Hunters & trackers]: The Clan's gotta eat & meats on the menu! .. & other stuff. Hunters & trackers are as the name suggests used to track & hunt down many game beasts for the clan. Fishing & foraging also falls under this rank.

[Beast Herders]: Track down, capture & tame war-beasts & steeds for the glory of the Clan, watch the demise of our foes as their bodies are broken beneath mighty war-bears, savaged by the horns of the Kagouti or mauled by a pack of vicious Durzogs! ... Or for the beast herder with a softer side Shepard mountain goats & feed the pigs..

[Slaves & Servants]: Servants of the Irontusk Clan perform many necessary duties with the Fortresses, Keeps & holds. From working the bars to entertaining the Clans-kin with song & dance to scrubbing the blood & food out of the floor!

Captured slaves brought in by the spoils of war or other nefarious methods forgo the freedoms & rights of Servants & the rest of the Clans-kin.

The Iron Law & the Bloody Oath!!!
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