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ESO Text RP (Open to anyone)

Started by CovenantMoonChampion
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Daggerfall Covenant
This is a text based game spin-off based off the elder scrolls series in which anyone can participate in and essentially play as they wish with setting and such. You can describe your character, alliance, race, name, class etc. and interact with others no mater alliance affiliation.

Simply type your actions, to speak simply use Quotations(""), and have fun.

The Setting is a Tavern in Stros M'Kai recently dropped off by a ship you wandered ashore with just the clothes on your back and a few coins in your pocket, you are seated and offered a drink on the house for your recent trouble. You notice members of many races among yourself most are residents of the pirate hammerfell island of stros m'kai others are crew members or passengers from the Imperial Charter Ship "The Colovian Lady". With a new start and miles away from home this is the start of your adventure.

(Please before you RP leave a bio page for your character and keep the responses short so newly added rp's can fit right in.)

Name: Ahbzari
Race: Khajiit
Eyes: Hazel
Skin/Fur/Scales: Brownish Yellow
Hair: Brown trimmed down mane
Bio: Former Imperial Legionnaire Black Smith and Carpenter, Dishonorable Disharge(Unknown Reason), Prisoner bound for still-operational Imperial prison fort just off of main-land hammerfell.
Age:19 years old.
Religion: The Eight Divines
Alliance Affiliation: to be determined.
Class: Templar
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