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[EU-EP-PC] Blackrose Cartel (RP guild)

Started by Xinz'r
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Ebonheart Pact
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Now - Aedra and Daedra.
Before them - The Void.
After them - The Void.

Many nowadays believe that Aedra and Daedra are our true gods, but what will be left if Nirn, Aetherius and Oblivion are gone? The Void, Psijii, also known as Sithis.

Most of Tamriel has forgotten Lord Psijii as One True God, but there is one race that still honors him as The True God - Saxhleel of Black Marsh, mostly known as Argonians. Psijii has never forgotten this, and thus, during the Mythic era Sithis himself came to Black Marsh to show that he hasn't forgotten his most loyal worshippers, the Argonians. He gave them a very powerful magic artifact that can be used to aid Black Marsh, should some serious threat arise to it and its people. Because of the artifact's appearance, Saxhleel gave it the name of "Black Rose". Sithis also gave certain secret powers to those who were there when he came, and descendants of those Saxhleel still have those powers, but He gave also one condition - that those powers were used only for the aid of Black Marsh, and not to be exploited.

Argonians whom received that power formed a unique, extremely secretive and powerful brotherhood in the service to honor such agreement. The brotherhood was named "Echo of Silence". After Sithis's visit many Argonians wanted to live where their Lord appeared, and thus created a town, and named it Blackrose, after their Lord's artifact.

A big temple was built in honor to Sithis, and in the middle of it was the Black Rose. Members of the Echo of Silence became the most powerful citizens of the city. In the 2E 560, a powerful Argonian priest/shaman used the Black Rose to create Khanaten Flu because of the other races' awful treatment of his people. This illnes was deadly for everyone of non-reptilian origins, or in other words - to everyone except Argonians. Later on, Dunmeri Great Houses of Dres and Telvanni came with their armies and started an invasion of Black Marsh. Luckily (for them), they didn't go further into, but still much disarray was created because of the organization of Black Marsh's defence. During all this turmoil, Echo of Silence intervened and hid the Black Rose so if the invading army came to the temple, they wouldn't find it. Enemy heard of this, but didn't want to take action directly nor publicly on the situation, so they used Morag Tong to reveal, locate and kill members of the Echo of Silence.

After EoS killed all Morag Tong's assassins, those who survived were split into two factions - Echo of Silence and Blackrose Cartel. Members of the EoS decided that it is best for them to spread across Black Marsh and Argonian settlements across Tamriel, so that they can be harder to reveal as EoS members and be connected with other members. They still knew the Black Rose's location and passed it on from one generation to the next, so should some threat rise to Black Marsh they would go and use The Rose. They have also stayed devoted worshippers of Sithis, still having the secret powers that He gave them.

On the other hand, members of the Blackrose Cartel decided to stay in Blackrose and help its people in other matters. They also aren't Sithis worshippers and do not posses Sithis's secret powers. They created many Outlaw Refugee camps and their members often violated Empire's laws by theft, murder, blackmail and other types of crime against Empire's people, all to aid Black Marsh, and especially Blackrose. They became devoted protectors of Argonians outside of Black Marsh (thus still being in connection with Echo of SIlence).

Lowest ranking members of the Blackrose Cartel are known as Candidates, who aren't yet official members of the cartel, but are taken into consideration and given with various tasks, tests and puzzles in order to prove that they are the right people for the organization. If they pass all tests, they are then invited into the Blackrose Cartel and become Enforcers. Enforcers do the Cartel's "dirty work" across our area of influence and operate at certain cities or parts of the region in small crews led by the Brothers. Acolytes are Enforcers who aspire to thrive into the Cartel's rank structure and are learning both Cartel's and Argonian history, and if needed they help their crews in certain missions. Brothers are former Acolytes who have shown that they know our history very well, and even more importantly - that they understand it. They lead small crews that operate in certain cities, they are taught by members of Echo of Silence to understand the Cartel's ideology better and Sithis worshipping. Lower ranking members of Echo of Silence are known as EoS Agents, and they teach the Brothers in various matters. Agents are taught by EoS Emissaries in deeper understandings of the Argonian culture and history. Agents also coordinate actions of the Brothers and their crews. Highest ranking members of Echo of Silence are known as EoS Emissaries and they serve as the leader's advisors as well as priests of Sithis. The leader of The Blackrose Cartel is also known as Master of Scion and overlooks on all of the actions within the Cartel serving as a High Priest of Sithis. The city of Stormhold is under his direct protection. As to move up in The Blackrose, you need to have one member of higher rank to vouch for you, and if you want to advance in the Echo of Silence, all members must agree on your promotion.

After Molag Bal crisis, three alliances arose : The Daggerfall Covenant, The Aldmeri Dominion and The Ebonheart Pact. Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion are fighting over who will sit in the White Gold Tower, and only Ebonheart Pact recognizes the only problem that currently matters - MOLAG BAL IS IN TAMRIEL! It doesn't matter who sits in the White Gold Tower if Molag Bal enslaves us all. That's the reason why we support the Ebonheart Pact.

Rule of Six:

Never hurt innocent Argonians, children or the elderly. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.
Never dishonor The Cartel. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.
Never betray The Cartel and its secrets. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.
Never betray your brethren. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.
Never disobey orders of The Cartel. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.
Every Sundas bring a purse of at least 500 gold worth of stolen goods to the Master of Scion. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

To provoke Echo of Silence is to demand death from the Dread Father.


Out of character information:

- We are a roleplaying guild but may also participate in PvE/PvP.
- We are based in the Ebonheart Pact and the guild's activities aren't involved in any other alliance.
- Upon joining, you must respect the servers rules.
- For any information regarding on how to join, send me a private message.
- It is highly recommended that people which aspire to join know at least the basics of roleplaying.
- Guild website:

OOC rules:
- IC messages can be written only in "Say" and "Emote" chats. All other chats are for OOC messages.
- Every member is obligated to participate every guild meeting and at least one other event per week. If someone has an excuse for why not to come to certain event, edit your note saying why you can't come.
- Every member has to donate at least 500g per week to the guild bank. This money will NEVER be used without consulting the guild at meetings, and stays in the guild bank.
- It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a positive atmosphere in guild chat.
- Respect guildmates. Any conflict shall be reported to the guild leader and not be carried out in guild chat. This is to prevent unnecessary drama.

Leader of Blackrose Cartel

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