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Started by Dregora
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We are House Hlaalu, a guild where we try to remain real to the lore from the dark elves, but we accept all races.

Our original concept was to make it Dunmer only, but we changed our minds, due to lore specific issues and the fact that recruiting was difficult.

We're not trying to be hardcore, nor will we try to be the best, per sé. If it happens? Good for us. If not? Then too bad. We're here to enjoy the game together, not drill everyone to be the very best, like no one ever was. (Ghehe)

We want players that want to be in a tight community, with a handful of people, yet an active handful of people, that help each other, talk to each other and be friends with each other. No drama, no difficult situations, just a fun bunch of people enjoying and playing the game together.

We'll share information, items, crafting stuff, useful links, add-ons and so on. And ofcourse, we'll get to know each other on a semi-personal basis, so you know who you'll play with.

Come join us. We're eager to make our group bigger. Currently it's just 2, because we do not want a massive ass guild. So if you're eager to join, whisper either one of us. (down below)

- Be mature
- Be polite
- Able to speak English
- Minor lore knowledge
- Preferably a mic (for future play and dungeon play)

You can whisper me on the nickname "@dregora" or you can whisper "@MinjiHlaalu".
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