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[EU] New International Trading Guild "Forum" searching more Members

Started by Z.Pendragon
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- Trade Guild -

~ All Alliances ~

Name and Reason for Choosing

At first i want to name the guild Blackmarket, but since
blackmarket is in every language i know unavailable, because someone
was faster, i search for an alternate name. I wasn't sure if a find a
synonym or a word from a other language for Marketplace, but as last
try i tried latin and got a hot. Forum the latin word for Marketplace
was free, so we get the name for our Trading Guild.


31.03.2014 Founding
05.04.2014 reaching first Step: Guildstore with 60 Members
06.04.2014 reaching second Step:100+ Members
- thierd step: 200+ Members coming soon

07.04.2014~ 105+

No Insult inside "Forum"
No Griefplay
Guildchat is english only

Want to join?

Just send a letter to: "Zylion Pendragon" oder "Xylia Pendragon"
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big update - we got now more than 100 Members and have our guild store ready. Don't hessitate our rate of increase is giant.
Sunday evening 40+ New Members
Monday morning 45+ New Members
if the rate is constant we are full in the next 2 weeks
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