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[EU] [PS4] Knight's Of Order Recruiting

Started by The_7thDay
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The Knights Order

I am not going to drag this post to be a mile long so i’m going to hit you with some facts.

The Knights Order Guild is a mature guild who play strategically and smartly for PvE and PvP. With hopes of having a member of our guild crowned Emperor and this guild will help all members have a chance to wear the crown.

Help people who are new to MMO's or new to the Elder Scrolls Series how to play the game.

Who love exploration and a good challenge.

Who helps each other build their characters to be the best.

Who have extensive knowledge of everything Elder Scrolls.

Who have experience playing MMO’S.

Who rather play as a unstoppable wolf pack rather then be a lone wolf.

Looking for:
Experienced players people who know how to play as a good Healer, DPS and Tank character.

As I’ve stated we are a mature guild so 18+ you must be, We are an EU guild but will accept people from NA as well. We are a team so every guild decision will be made as such no decision will be made unless every member agrees with it.

We have no website so if you are interested PM me on this or add me on PSN: The_7thDay

Thank You!
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