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Exploration - New Frontier or Tried Approach

Started by Yoreborn
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First of all, big shout out to Rage and his thread Rages' Interview List (found on the general threads page)

Exploration in an MMO is a part of it and I really hope TESO delivers this in a fitting manner.

My experience of exploration in MMO's started in vanilla World of Warcraft. I was new to MMO games and nothing was more fun then running/swimming or jumping my way to places I hadnt been before. I often would find myself in zone higher lvl then me, stuck on a roof in a town, or at the bottom of the ocean looking at clams. I received no rewards for this and did not need them. I loved it.

My later experience was with GW2 and EVE online. Guild Wars 2 had massive vistas, large zones and where crammed full of contents. My map told me my completion rate which included what "vistas" I had visited through exploring, what parts of the maps revealed, and other treats I had to find. Im my opinion, this became another quest to complete, and it soon became a chore. I didnt feel like id found these places myself, the game told me they where out there, so I knew to go looking.

Finnally EVE online. Finding wormholes (like dungeons) was incredibly difficult, and at the end of the day it was big empty space. Bassicly finding nothing in nothing filled with nothing. Felt very bland.

An interview with Paul Sage (correct me if I am wrong) reveals his plans for exploration. Paul describes how he wants players to feel they can drop the quest what they are doing, go exploring, and be rewarded with anything from experience and skill points to new quest and items. I feel he is falling in between what I have experienced in WoW and GW2.

The delivery is what worries me. If finding things and rewards the exploration is not challengeing, it will not feel as rewarding. I accept there may be map or hud related indicators for points of interest. This would be necessary for new MMO players or players who get tunnel vision grinding their current quests down. I do hope the really good stuff you can find is truly hidden until stumbled upon after jumping my way up a mountain or swimming to the bottom of a lake.

In short, really excited about their approach, and it is another new thing to look forward to. Feel free to add your comments, opinions, and most of all, experiences exploring in MMO worlds.
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I believe that ZOS and Bethesda want the exploration to be as similar to the single player TES games as possible, meaning it should be very good. In all the single player titles I have played, I always got to a point where I had done nothing but explored for so long, and acquired so many new quests, that getting all the quests done became something of a chore. I say this only because I can't leave a quest undone. So even if I accumulate 50+ of them, I will do every last one of them :) Also, as far as the HUD related indicators, from what I have read in the forums we will be able to fine tune the HUD, so players who want to have things pointed out will, and those who don't, won't. The UI from every thing I have read is supposed to be minimal anyways, and if we can configure it to our likes and dislikes, then it should not be a problem for those who want to spelunk with no indicators or directions. (sorry for lack of links, really short on time)
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Exploration is one of the most important things in an MMO and in addition that's one of the main reasons of the open world.
Still, exploration needs to be motivated, I mean, I'm sure that ESO is going to come with a lot of beautiful places, due to the really nice graphics and world, but what we need more, is for all those places to have something interesting, hidden or not. Something that will attract those who are searching for quests or those who just like exploring new places. They have to suit the needs of all kinds of players.
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