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Fälondreth (Fälon)

Started by spartan1314
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname- Fälondreth

Surname- None

Title- None (who gives titles to a nomadic wanderer?)

Sex- Male Bosmer


Occupation- Fälon lives as a nomad and uses the wild to provide most of the things he needs. He will trade meat, animal skins, rare plants 9only what he needs to survive0, and any other things worth money he found on his wanderings, though.

Faction- Aldmeri Dominion. Though Fälon has an extreme dislike of the High Elves, he believes the Dominion may be the chance for the Bosmer to create a better stake for themselves in Tamriel.

Personality- Due to his nomadic lifestyle, and the constant danger of the wild, Fälon is always slightly on edge. He talk little, preferring nods or hand signals. He loves nature, as all Bosmer do, and he follows a loose version of the Green Pact. He is friendly, but his darting eyes and constant slight tension often drive people off, habits of his lifestyle. He also loves to read.

Backstory- Fälon was born an orphan, found in the jungle as a baby by a hunting party from one of the moving tree cities of Valenwood. He knows nothing of his parents. He was raised by one of the hunters that found him and the man's wife, with their three children, two girls (older), and brother (younger). The hunter taught him the way of the bow and the knife, and he became one of the best hunters in his tree-city. On his eighteenth name-day, he left home with his Ebony Bow (a gift from his adopted father for his 18th name-day), and Ebony Dagger (another gift from his eldest sister for that name day) a supply pack, and his favorite book, "The Golden Arrow" to start his life as a wanderer and see all of Tamriel and discover it's mysteries.

Best Memory- Being raised by the hunter as his own son, and the adventures in the tree-city with his siblings.

Worst Memories- The first year of his nomad life.

Skills- Masterful with a bow, handy with a knife. He is one of the beast sneakers around, due to hunting lessons in the jungles of Valenwood.

Challenges- Connecting with others. Fälon is a good friend to have, but he doesn't like to make new ones, on account of his many run-ins with bandits and marauders and his lonely lifestyle.


Religious Views- The Elven gods of Valenwood. He keeps a statue of Auri-El in his pack. He also follows the Green Pact, which includes:

Only meat-based products can be consumed.
Prohibits the use of wood or other vegetable derivatives as building materials.
Forbidden to harm any living creature or plant-life for their own betterment.
Forbidden to smoke anything of a vegetable nature.

He does not believe in the Bosmer practice of eating battlefield dead, though.

Dromik- Large, muscular Nord, greatsword fighter, part-time mercenary.
Guinevere Löthbrok- Smaller Nord with a fast axe, sharp tongue and merciless nature.
Fälondreth- Quiet, quick Bosmer bowman, nomad, nature-lover.
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