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Facebook Character Story and Photo Contest.

Started by Greywolf McGrowler
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The Accursed Legion Facebook Page has hit its new milestone of 250 Likes and in regards we will be holding a contest. The contest will be for the most liked character picture and backstory. Anyone can enter this contest (You don’t have to be part of the guild to enter), because without everyone’s like in or out of guild we’d never have gotten this far. There will be three winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

1st Place winner will receive 60k in gold

2nd place winner will receive 30k in gold

3rd place winner will recieve 15k in gold

To enter please submit your character screenshot to Greywolf34. Then submit your character story either through a message on The Accursed Legion Facebook Page, or to Greywolf34 on The Accursed Legion website at . On the top of your story please put your Xbox Gamertag, and your Character name, and any other information you would like to include about your character. (For examples, look at the Photo Album Labeled Guild Character Bio/Backstories on The Accursed Legion Facebook Page at: )

All entries must be submitted by 4pm EST of Sunday Nov 1st. Afterwards all entries will then be added to a new Photo Album on The Accursed Legion’s Facebook Page Called, “Character Story Photo Contest” Once everything has been uploaded to the Facebook Page everyone will have a chance to review and like the photo’s and their stories till 4pm EST on Nov 8th. You may share your picture, or share the facebook page. At the end of the contest whichever photo has the most likes will win 1st Place.

Winners will then be contacted the next day on Xbox, and will be sent their prize through mail in ESO.

You can find our facebook page here:

Then our official Accursed Legion website here:
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