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Factions Favorites

Started by TheUltimatumWolf
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
I just want to know what factions and race you guys are going to be Smiling

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Leader of The Black Hand (AD)(Still Recruiting)
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Not Set
I'll probably have a character in each faction, but currently, I expect to play a Bosmer (Altmeri Dominion) as my main.

Which is funny to me, because when I first started looking at TESOF, Almeri Dominion was the least interesting faction to me. While the high elves seemed interesting enough, I never really pictured myself as much of an elf player (not that I had anything against elves at all!), and was leaning heavily towards either Argonian, Orc or Redguard.

But since I'm interested in seeing all the different zones, I started reading up on the Almeri Dominion some more, and once I got to the Bosmer, I was completely sold. I thought they were the run-of-the-mill, "untamed, dignified forest elves", and while they still seem to have that, there's also the Green Pact. Cannibalism and religiously carnivore elves? That just sounded to awesome to pass up.

So yeah, now I'm pretty dedicated to playing a Bosmer girl.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Long Live The Covenant!

Strictly playing DC. There the most interesting 2 me, Ive always been for the society thats ruthless an what better then the ORCs! Im a WarLoving player who needs to equipped with a War Ravaging Orc, A Great Axe, an an HP bar higher then anyone else:P

Looking For Guild Or People To Help Start One Up
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Please no need for multiple threads. Talking about which faction you will choose and your reasons why, should be discussed here.
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Khajiits, Altmer, Bosmer

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Main: Dunmer Warrior
Alt: Bosmer Rouge
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Not Set
Well Originally I was planning ALL of my characters being in DC. However my husband Chose AD. So I may have my main in DC and a second in AD.

Races all still undecided, I need to get my hands dirty in character creation first.

Edit: Just saw @Ligers post, Damn you Kevlin for bumping it. lol
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Daggerfall Covenant
Booooo, Naj.


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