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Started by Beowulf
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The ceiling. Its something that is solid, used to keep people sheltered. It is a completion of a home, once the ceiling is placed on you feel you have done the biggest accomplishment in building.....
But that is not so in the place that I have come from. In that place ceilings are danger, steps are not secure, walls do not leave the wind out but invite it in. Floors break, windows shake, its all part of living in a home that is there and not something you built. Lets look more into this structure of a home. I say walls invite the wind in and leaves a person cold during the night, snow, and rain. the windows shake, how can you ever feel safe? Waking up one morning to see someone you don't know is standing there with your supplies, it invites dangerand the weather becomes your enemy. it is part of life. What doors? What steps? they do not exist, you would be lucky if you ever reached to the second floor of anything. That ceiling....That darn ceiling is luckily still there, staring down at you as you stare back. It feels more like a taunt than security, if it could speak it would say,"One day, I am going to fall...I might kill you or someone else. I can not tell you your destiny, but I suggest that tonight you leave me andfind a newceiling."
The world is not the same anymore. Children have become orphanes. A mother's permiscuity is a family's income. Theives are your fathersthey are to befeared not the authorities, and religion and government have become enemies. What world is this you ask? Not even I can tell you. It is sad, I know. It can be exciting,I know that also.What I can tell you is that it is a place you will never become ungreatful. Food is sparse, so be happy your father is that theif. Parents sometimes give their children to slave owners to survive, be happy you are that orphan. Your mother sleeping with that man might just get you that shelter, be happy to call her a whore. Thats the Fallout we all live in now. Me, I am one of the many people living in this bizarre world I must call home. I can not say anything is unique about me or that I am better than anyone. I live life like any other in a world like this. You can only imagine how my daily activities go about because you would never believe me if I explained it to you. No one would. Mark my words, after reading this you will begin to see a different light.
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