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Started by Konahrik
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Getting arrested is an essential experience in an Elder Scrolls game so I am a "yes" for this concept. However I would not want other player characters seeing how law abiding I have (not) been and would hope to see this in the character screen only. Certainly having lycanthropy or vampirism should have a huge detrimental effect on how npc react to me should they be aware of "shape changing" abilities.

The only way I would want to be known as infamous would be if there was a bounty on my head but I hope the factional aspect of the game will take care of that!
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This reminds me of the Light side/Dark side point system in SWTOR. I liked it there, but ESO doesn't have the same morality-wheel system. For something like this to be implemented, they would have to tie specific quests to specific point values on either side of the spectrum. This runs the risk that everyone will end up with the same fame/infamy score if there aren't a multitude of different quests available at each hub.

In my opinion, the only way to implement something with either fame or infamy (without adding needless clutter to the game) as the score would be a currency system. The issue is that the alliance point system takes, what would be, infamy's spot. Fame could be a PvE currency -- i.e. you get fame for each dungeon/heroic/raid kill.
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(December 17th 2012, 05:47 AM)MaSche Wrote: I liked the fame and karma system in Ultima Online (Freeshard). My evil Warlock had in red leters "dread Lord" in front of his name. This was also necessary to unlock some awesome skills. I had to kill hundrets of Ettins for the fame and almost the same amount of Nobles (blue NPCs) for the negative karma. Luckily I could hunt with friends. *nostalgia* The best online gaming expirence so far.

A moment of silence for the cruelties EA did to UO and all of the Ultima series. :-(

I like this idea as well, and it made Ultima Online amazing. However im not sure what place Reds would have in a faction. The whole point of the game is fighting for Cyrodiil... faction PKers wouldn't really have a place. Unless they had a Felucca version of Tamriel, which we know they won't.

R.I.P UO. :(

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