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Fan Creations

Started by chiffmonkey
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Well I was honestly surprised there isn't a whole category for this kind of thing, so here's a new one! Like many of you I'm sure, I'm super excited waiting for TESO, and would love to see any and all community creations you have to offer!

Here's my contribution! The Rightful Heir (Soundcloud)

Hit me with all your inspired creations, be they pictorial, musical, dramatical or just plain weird. :)
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There is actually a whole section for Fan Creations ^^.
You can find it Here.

Vahlok of The Bromlokiir Clan.

Come and join us in the Hall of the Bromlokiir, Kinsmen!
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We have a section for fan-art, fan-music and anything fan-made!

Check out this section of The Blend.

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