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Fan Fiction - Dark Times: Arinlas Wild-Heart

Started by Arinlas Wild-Heart
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Aldmeri Dominion
"Worry not, brother. I'll only be gone a few days. The spirits of our great ancestors will keep me safe."
"Why so soon? The road is dangerous at these times, with the war and all." Questioned Líran.
"Brother, you worry too much. I'll be fine. You'll see. I'll be back as soon as possible." Said Arinlas lovingly.
"Can I not come with you?"
"No. You are but 15 years old."
"But nothing. You are to stay here and care for the family. I will be back. You won't even know I'm gone. When ever you need me, I'll be here for you. Maybe not in mortal form but part of my spirit is in you. Remember that, always."
"Promise me, you will be back." Exclaimed Líran.
Arinlas sighed. "I promise, brother. Now, I must get going. The road is long and I need to find a place to stay before nightfall. Farewell, brother."
Arinlas is a Bosmer .He is tall and musculine. His tanned skin is like the brown of a sweet roll. His eyes are a deep, ocean blue. His chizled features are like a statue's and he has a beutifully petit nose. He has high cheekbones, as do most Bosmer and a perfect chin. His long, blonde hair runs like a river down beneath his broad shoulders, and as will all Mer, he has pointed ears.
Arinlas walks with royalty and grace. His aura stops all talk when he enters a room, mych like Queen Ayrenn. His voice could put a great warrior to his knees. Arinlas is like a mortal god. Although, he is little known. He has the greatness in him. Greatness that has yet to be shown.

* * * * * * *

"We're not waiting to be vanquished by the Covenant or the Pact!" shouted Queen Ayrenn.
"But, ma'am, we cannot attack. Our forces are too small and our warriors and archers have fallen weak due to the continuous battles and bombardment." Replied General Orúr.
"Well, what do you suppose we do? Wait for the enemy to breach my hold, slaughter our people and put the Mer throne down? We have no other choi-"
The palace door swung open. A breeze of cold air fluttered in to the room. A dark figure stood still in the door. His hair blown slightly to the left due to the wind. It was Arinlas. He stood in the door way's arch looking toward the throne of Queen Ayrenn. ""You'd better have a good reason for disturbing us at this time, Bosmer."
Arinlas walked bravely and gracefully up to the throne of the Queen. He fell to one knee and looked down to her feet, as a sign of great respect to the Queen. "Arinlas, at you're service, my Queen." He said. He pulled out a dagger that he had pried out of the hands of a bandit before reaching the the Aldmeri capital. Queen Ayrenn accepted the offer and took the dagger from his hands.
"Thank you, brother Elf. Now, what is it that you need? I'm very busy and I have no time for idle talk."
"I wish to join the war, my liege. I want to protect the land of which mine and your ancestors were born and had died. I have traveled for four days all the way from my home in the hills to the north, just outside of Arenthia to join you. Our people and our homes are under threat from both the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant. I would be willing to die for my country, The Dominion and you, my Queen. In this life and the next. With me in your army, we would get one step closer to capturing the Ruby Throne."
"Welcome brother. I see that you are a true son of the Auri-El, and a true Mer. I would be honored to accept you in my army. I see great potential in you. You have an... aura about you. What is your weaponry specialty?"
"I favor the bow, my Queen. I also have a hand for daggers and one-handed blades. I have a skill in stealth too. I could be assigned as an archer, warrior, spy or assassin, or the four. Depending on what you need at a the time you need me. I have much to offer." Arinlas boasted.
"Is that boasting I hear?" She replied. "Go to the barracks with Orúr. He will get you some fitting armor, a dagger and a bow. You may also get some food and much needed rest after your journey."
"The bow is not needed, my Queen. I already have one of my own."
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