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Fanfic into Chronicle

Started by Idriar
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There are already several great Fanfics from TESOF featured in the chronicle.

So I hope I can get some advice:

If I admit a story, do I sent it to , but what to put into that eMail? The story itself? A link to the story? Both? A few words of explanation, why I think my story should be featured?

Have stories with multiple pieces a higher chance?

And how about Artworks? Do I send them to the eMail or to the tumblr page? Do I need a tumblr account to send my art to Bethesda?

I hope, with this thread more people feel encouraged to submit stuff ;)

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Well my first fanfic was featured in tamriel chronicles. I didn't submit anything to them, best advice I can give is give a solid story and if they like it enough they will feature it

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Just send an email with a brief message/description of your work, and a link to wherever you have your work (the Library here on TESOF for example, or an imgur for your art). If they like it, they'll feature it :D

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