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Fast Traveling...

Started by Alrik11
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How do I fast travel to Bleakrock Isle in TESO???, I'm a lvl 5 male nord dragonknight and want to do lvl 5 quests, please reply asap someone!
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You can use wayshrines to fast travel from one wayshrine to another.

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You can't get there unless you have been there bfr, unless a Q leads you there, or if you can get to Davon's Watch, Stonefalls you can take the boat from the docks. You should be able to walk from Cyrodiil to Stonefalls (from NE corner of the Cyrodiil map) IF you are EP. You must be EP alliance to go to Stonefalls or Bleakrock Isle. And since you are Lv5, you cannot even go to Cyrodiil.

Since you are prob in Davon's Watch (or have been), go to the docks at Davon's Watch. They might be on a ship next to the gangplank, IDK. Look for someone standing around W/a quill and paper, talk to them, ask them where they can take you. Eventually they will ask you if you want passage to Bleakrock Isle.

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