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Started by MargieArgie
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(Since I've seen some information that we can make characters in different factions, may as well bring out my second character idea and be the first to have two up here! ^.^ )

Name: Fatimah of Abibon-Gora
Race: Redguard
Gender: Female

Height: c. 180 cm (c. 6')
Weight: c. 75 kg (c. 165 lb)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Appearance: Tall and muscular, Fatimah can usually be seen wearing her Alik'r desert robes and, if in the field, a metal cuirass, with her scimitar always at her side. The most striking feature of her face is her eyes - permanently rolled back and unblinking, an outward sign of her blindness. A scar runs down her left cheek almost from the ear.

Age: 17
Profession: Whatever job is available where she's at; particular skills include sword fighting, flute playing, and massage.
History: Despite being blind from birth, Fatima's quick mind allowed her to figure her way around fairly well from a young age. She always had trouble settling on a single line of study, causing her to develop somewhat broad range of skills (some of which she has talent for, some of which she doesn't). Eventually, though, she settled on the sword, which, despite her lack of sight, she has taken to quite well. Her ultimate goal is to study and master the Way of the Sword, though her youth, inattentiveness and easily-distracted nature means she has yet to impress a master enough to even begin that path. As such, she currently wanders where she can, looking to make a living with whatever means she has available.

Count only the happy hours.

Character bios:
Selah Medanas - Fatimah
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Very interesting character, it's always quite the challenge to roleplay a character with severe disabilities such as blindness or being deaf, but when done right it adds a whole new dynamic. Also, yay for another Redguard, I'm contemplating an alt of my own in that corner :)

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