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Started by Idriar
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By Beothia and Azura! What are you doing?

Damn dark Dunmer magic!

Name - Fears-no-Fire

Race - Argonian

Sex - female

Age - 28

Occupation - honourable knight, spiteful thief

Faction - Ebenherz Pakt

Appearance - scales of orange, nearly red. medium seized. her head lacks of any horns. Most time wearing heavy armory.

Personality - Always in for a joke. Seems to be openheartet. A little bit clumsy. superstitious. Seeks for honour with her deeds, is still a thief, and even worse. But the thruth is she is very vulnerable, that´s why she hides behind heay armor.

Alignement - chaotic good

Character's theme

Social Background/Backstory - She was hatched in a clan of the shadow scales and was trained as an assassin. She went through the ritual of "The thousand bells". Every scale big enough was pierced and a little tinker bell was attached to it. When ever a bell was stroke she was punished. So she learned to sneak soundlessly. When she lost all the pierced scales while growing up she would have been ready for her first mission. She was very affraid of killing.

But before she was sent, the shaman of the clan, who was old, tried to summon a Deadra to enslave him and let him commit assassinations. But the ritual failed and their hide-out burned to the ground. Fears-no-Fire had to escape the burning rubble of her former home collapsing above her head. As she was horrified she was easily tracked down and catched by Dunmer Slavehunters. "Fear no fire, fear no fire, fear no fire..." was the only thing she uttered, that´s how she got her name.

On the slave markets in Morrowind she gained counsciousness again. She managed to escape, but had to live amongst the rats of the unknown city. She mourned on the loss of her family. As a thief she made her way into the thieves guld. When she finally grew up she choosed to abandon the path of shadows. She refused her origin as assassin and her life as thief. She left the unknown city in Morrowind and head for Shadowfenn. She was trained to kill people, suffered great humilitation on the slavemarkets and experienced poorness and crime in the thieves guild. So she decided to pick up the battle against all kinds of injustice and evils in the world.

Since that day she commited many honourable deeds, buyd herself a heavy armor and travels the land of the Pakt as knight and thief.

Best Memory - approval of her master back in the shadow scales clan. he was like a father to her.

Worst Memory - the moment her home burned to ground and all her clan members died. She herself nearly died in the flames.

Skills - Sneaking, stealing, assassinations, heavy armor, one-handed and block.

Challenges for the Character - She is a little bit clumsy. The time in the thieves guild made her unbelievable greedy, has a weakness for jewelry. She is extremly superstitious and fears mighty magic.

Birthsign - the warrior

Religious Views - She believes in Deadra and Aedra she heard stories of in Morrowind. Of course she was educated to worship Sithis, but she refuses that.

Politics Views - She doesn´t know much about politics. She just wants justice for the weak and helps to gain this as a knight.

Loves - A bag full of glittering coins

Hates - injustice
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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