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Feedback and my rant on this notion of TESOF

Started by Raistlin_Majere
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Like we have seen this game has piled huge wave of guilds and community activity. Now when I think back just 10 years even guild website was almost unheard of dedication but now even if game itself has not been open for public we have over 300 guilds (soon to be 400 and counting) on this sole forum. It literally takes my breath away and really puts things in perspective towards this game community and dedication behind it. One reason could be TES series good modding communities and other factors. Serie has been open for people explore possibilities together without game company closing all doors before them. If I even try estimate how many guilds there are forming right now it has to be somewhere 5k-10k ish. If you google you'll find similar or a bit different pages full of guild notices ranging from many years of waiting. Now that waiting will soon be over and sad as it can be, we wont see all those plans into fruition. Still.. this gaming development itself speaks volumes. As a community we have come very far from ordinary MMO scene. Lets try keep it that way.

Warm sand to everyone.

-Warm sands to friends, cold sands to haters.-

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