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Fellowship of Emporers
Fellowship of Emporers

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Aragorn.
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About Fellowship of Emporers
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F.O.E. is a new guild that will play in all types of E.S.O. gameplay (PvE, PvP,...). We hope to be a guild that includes friendly, yet skilled players with lore knowledge to join together and just have a good time! Whether it's exploring dungeons, to fighting for Cyrodiil, we will be that guild where every member supports one another and chips in for a self sustaining group (In the sense of asking each other for help on anything, fighting for one another in a battle...)


- Knowledge of lore history
- Respect for fellow members
- Gaming history of any of the Elder Scrolls games
- General knowledge of E.S.O. and it's features
- Good character (I mean generosity and courtesy...)
- The ability to just have fun and not rage at stupidity :)
- Master: Founder
- Council: Those whom have exceeded past expectation in the guild. Must be voted by whole guild. Can help run the guild.
- Official: Those whom the council and Master have deemed worthy of authority. Can run for council. Must be moderately involved in guild. Must gain respect of most in guild.
- Initiated: Newly joined members. Can vote on council electorates. Must prove themselves to be involved in guild.

All members must agree and follow requirements.

Members must know or learn:
- Synergized combat
- More than one type of magic
- Basic stealth
- Basic melee combat
- Crafting and enchanting
- Inner workings of E.S.O.
- Trading/ Selling
- Doing everything with a light and humorous heart (Try-Hards whom take the game too seriously will be kicked)
- Must have knowledge of making or attaining Sweat Roles and Fishy sticks!!! :)

Guild Rules (Important):
- Swearing is permitted (No insulting of any member of guild or Daggerfall Covenant)
- Minimum requirement of activity is being online and participating for one day for every week (By day, I mean at least 2-3 hours. Those whom do not respect this rule will receive three warnings and then be kicked from the guild)
- Trading for currency between fellow F.o.E. members is prohibited (We will trade-item-for-item style)
- When an F.o.E member calls for help, unless what your doing is extremely important, most (If not all) members must go to aid.
- Don't be a jerk to members of guild.
We are a part of The Daggerfall Guild Alliance at

To Join, you must first:
Reply in the comment section about
- Your age
- Why do you want to be apart of F.o.E?
- What is your former experience in Elder Scrolls?
- What, approximately, will your in-game character be in E.S.O.?

If you receive a message stating that you've joined
- Go to the Facebook page ( and join!

ONCE JOINED, you must give more detail to
- Who are you? (Name, email)

Simple as that!
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