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Fellowship of the Forest

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Ryanous.
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About Fellowship of the Forest
Main Members so far Communication
-We are an Aldmeri Dominion alliance guild
-We accept any age of player however we expect a certain level of maturity
-New members will have a trial
-Our main aim is to have fun
-All game content will be explored
-We are more than casual but not hardcore (Moderate)
-EU English speaking guild

Fellowship of the Forest has just been created in March 2013 this year so we are a brand new guild made just for The Elder Scrolls Online and it right now we are very small in number so it would be nice to start getting more members in to make it bigger and more worthwhile. More people = more fun

To begin with the plan is to start leveling up to max level with our characters and grouping together as much as possible along the way. Once we're maximum level then we need to make sure we will have enough guild members and have the structure ready for doing the content the game has to offer.
I don't mind if this guild turns out to be small / big either way the people that join I want us all to be a social guild and to get along with one another and most of all have fun.

I've been in all types of guild in the past many years of my MMO experience ranging from small social group guilds to large hardcore raiding style guilds. This time I wanted to make a guild where progression is still the main priority but having fun and keeping it social the whole way through.

So this is the start of Fellowship of the Forest, right now we have started this guild with just the two of us so we need people to join that don't mind starting a guild from scratch and helping us recruit more members to make this guild a more thriving and successful.

If this fits the description of a guild that you're looking for then feel free to send me (Ryanous) a message or go to our website, fill out our recruitment form and register with us:

Our guild leaders are:

Guild Leader / Lord - Ryanous
Guild Leader / Lady - Nocturnalx





We use TeamSpeak to communicate with others whilst we play. However we will type to others in the in-game chat if people don't want to be on teamspeak. We don't mind either way but prefer teamspeak.
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