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Ferroc the Redguard.

Started by Ferroc
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Firstname - Ferroc

Surname - McCarth'r

Race - Redguard

Sex - Male

Age - 25

Birthdate and Sign - Born under The Warrior on the 14th of Mid Year

Occupation - Prfessional Soldier and armoursmith.

Faction - Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance -Ferroc is a little taller than many Redguards, but not noticeably. He bears several scars all over his battle-weary body, mostly minor cuts and scarpes gained as he grew and was still inexperienced, however even the most profficient warrior cannot avoid injury forever. Most noticeably on his cheek is a decently sized one. His physique is muscled and large; he has trained martially since he was still very young. His hands are nicked and cut all over; there are too many cuts and calluses to count (as he prefers to work with his hands, and when one gets tired it can be hard to make sure the hammer hits the chestplate you're forging, and not your own thumb), but despite that his fingers and limbs are broad and strong, with hours of time in the forge and several skirmishes hardening him. His dark hair seems to have been blown in the winds of the Alik'r Desert since he was born. His hair is swept back, and long enough that his bangs could touch his eyebrows. Most peculiar, however, is the fact that his skin is several shades lighter than any other Redguard. He almost could pass for a Breton who had stayed too long in the sun. When he was a child, when Redguard children would first meet him they would mock him for this, but very soon Ferroc proved to the others he was just as worthy a fighter as they were, and had just as much potential. After he proved himself capable, the other kids generally accepted him.

Personality - Ferroc is a double-edged sword: He is calm and polite and quiet at home, and often prefers to be alone. He doesn't make friends that easy because of this, but when someone does get through to him, he knows how to value them. When he is with those he can feel comfortable with, he is very easy-going and enjoys a good laugh. He even may seem a tad confident and content with his lot. But on the field, when he has a sword in his hand, he turns into a beast. Mixing the athletic precision of the Redguards and the primal fury the Nords bring to combat, Ferroc strikes fear or respect in the hearts of his enemies and allies. As determined as he can be, Ferroc tries to be slow to raise his hand against another. Being of mixed race, he desires to neverhold hate in his heart for any other. He holds no love for the Altmer (he never forgot it was against their alliance his father was slain. As well, Ferroc is a confident man but absolutely loathes arrogance, which the High Elves seem to embody), and will fight to the death to defend his alliance, but he will not raise a sword against another unless he is to defend the Covenant, his honour (his father instilled in him a pride of his heritage, both Nordic and Redgurad), or his friends and family. But it can be hard for him to remain temperate when a High Elf walks into the room....

Social Background/Backstory - Once, a Nord adventurer ventured into Dragonstar, a city in the Northwest of Hammerfell. There he met a young Redguard woman, whom he fell in love with instantly. Though she was a stubborn woman who at first resisted his advances, she also was stricken at first sight. They settled down on a homestead nearer to the Skyrim border, and had a child. That child was Ferroc. The couple realized that trying to force one of their own heritages upon the boy would simply divide the family, and so out of their love for each other and the boy, they agrred to both teach him until he had come of age and chose his own path. His mother taught him of the traditions of her fathers; how to survive where all else would perish, and how to fight with prowess and skill. Even though she ewas no warrior, just a simple maid, she knew somewhat concerning the martial arts as she was a Redguard and had learned simple lessons as she had grown.His father taught him how to smith his own armour, the tales and myths of Nordic history, and how to truly become a warrior. Sadly, one day Ferroc's father was called back to Skyrim, to go down and fight in Cyrodiil. Ferroc was still a young boy, but he could still feel the pain in the letter tha came home a couple months later. He was too young to truly understand, but he swore he would live a life worthy of his father's pride. Since his mother was the only one left to raise him, he went on to train fully as a Redguard, with no more instruction on the was of the Nords. As soon as he came of age, he went about in the world, fighting to make himself stronger. After passing his trials as a Redguard, and fully becoming a man, he swore allegience to the Daggerfall Covenant and fights to this day to bring stability to Tamriel, that other children would not suffer as he did.

Best Memory - One warm night while he was still a child, one of the last nights he had with his father. His mother is cooking some form of meat over the fire, its scent tantalizing even in memory. His father is playing sword-fight with him, laughing his loud, throaty laugh. They are all jus enjoying life, and each other.

Worst Memory - Waking up and walking to his mother, to see her on the floor crying her eyes out and cursing the Daedra, the mer of the world, and all the gods and demons of Redguard tradition for the death of her husband. To this day the memory haunts him, and Ferroc will not settle his nerves after reliving it until he has had a good brawl.

Skills - Ferroc is more than profficient with a blade. His mother taught him of the history his people have with that weapon, and he has a great sense of pride in wielding it. He also experiments with a shield from time to time, if he feels the added protection is necassary. Even hough while helping his father Ferroc's role in the family forge was superficial, he continued in the practice until mastering both his mother's and father's racial styles of armour crafting.

Challenges: Ferroc tries very hard not to be upset or aroused easily to anger, but whenever he sees an Altmer, or if someone speaks ill of mothers, or when he sees racial intolerance/superiority, his blood boils. As well, Ferroc prefers face to face fighting, and so is not practised in being stealthy. As he travels, he tends to pick up a spel or two from local mages, but always would pick a good blade in his hand over an incantation. Because his father was a Nord, and he is the offspring of mixed parents, he understands that each race is important to life on Tamriel. This may not seem like a weakness, but his lack of hate may lead to hesitation. Those he fights beside speak loathfully around the fire about the other races, and their hate is shown in war. Unless he is absolutely justified in his own mind as to the worthiness of a cause to fight, Ferroc will hold back. This may lead to his undoing, whether by an enemy or from someone in his own alliance less tolerant.

Religious Views - Ferroc has mixed his parents' religious views and common beliefs he has seen in his travels to make his own. He is a worshipper of the Divines, but believes his father smiles down on him from Sovengarde, and lookd forward to feasting alongside him one day. He holds no suspiscion over magic, unlike other Redguards.

Political Views - Ferroc is a stout defender of the Daggerfall Covenant. He firmly believes that should a strong Emperor unite the lands of Tamriel, all races could live in relative harmony and peace. He does not hate any race, but has a guilty pleasure when it comes to fighting High Elves. But Ferroc respects the strengths of each race and desires that they may live in harmony, albeit separately in some cases. Ferroc will kill anyone who stands between him and a strong, united lnd under a mighty Ruler, and will cut down the enemies of his faction if necassary.
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Fight for something to die for, because living for nothing really isn't worth it.
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Hail Ferroc! and welcome to the RP forums, hope you enjoy your stay ^-^
Pretty cool character, he knows what he wants and he's going to achieve it through pure determination. very admirable!
now lets see if we can't make this character even better shall we?

ok for your appearance, i know having your character riddled with scars is cool but what does it tell me about your character? to me being riddled with scars could mean he is daring! always confront danger or it could mean he is a terrible fighter and has scars to show for his failures in the battlefield or maybe both! same go his hands. instead of saying his hands were made to hold swords and hammers maybe change it to 'he has forged his hand to wield both blade and hammer'. we have too many character who have grown hard and fast due to their childhood and all that has happened is that they got bullied by some of the other kids, to me i don't see that as a reason to grow 'hard and fast' and there are so many more interesting ways you could do this (his father dieing could be a reason but i'm going to talk about him later).

ok he's a recluse at home but involved with his few friends, why is that? 'there's a beast that stirs in a man when you put a sword to his hands' i like that, when you say "Mixing the athletic precision of the Redguards and the primal fury the Nords bring to combat, Ferroc fights like Oblivion itself" wouldn't be interesting if he got the weaknesses of both races aswel? and i'm not sure what to think about that metaphor, if your trying to say he fight like 'a force that can not be comprehended by mere mortals' ... don't! make he sound more real! and if you are going to use a metaphor say something more natural. 'his blade flows like the wind, his strike as quick as a cobra as hard as a bear!' you see how that sounds better, and the reader will understand it better

For social background, i don't think we need to know about your mother and father meeting for the first time BUT do they both have to be warriors? and why do they have to be respectful of each other traditions? i think it would be ALOT more interesting if they didn't, any chance they were looking after ferroc they were trying to force their people traditions onto him. I LOVE that your father has to join the ebon heart pact! i don't like the fact you kill him off! you can have a real interesting part, that Ferroc chose to join the DC and might have to fight his father! wouldn't that be as worse .... no. Even worse than his father dying?

Last but certainly not least! give your character challenges and weaknesses! this part i feel is the most important! this is what makes your character seem more human and his how we can relate to ferroc. so what is the challenges he is going to face in the near future? and how is his weaknesses going to hinder his efforts to achieve his goals? for weaknesses think of some that will effect him daily, for example don't say 'ferroc is rubbish at sneaking' because ferroc doesn't seem like he is a character that would resort to sneaking.

overall very good first draft, a lot of potential here. i look forward to seeing this character grows and expands! ^-^

Quib - Argonian Adventurer
Garce Tilvvan - Dunmer Witch Hunter
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Thanks, I had a few ideas pertaining to that but i guess i didn't convey those ideas well enough. I'll try and clarify a little bit! How's that?
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Fight for something to die for, because living for nothing really isn't worth it.
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"with no more instruction on the was of the Nords"

Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but did you mean "though", "spell", "ways", and "just" for these parts?

Also, would'nt "mages" be "Mages"?

"They are all jus enjoying life, and each other"
"Even hough while helping his father Ferroc's"
"tends to pick up a spel or two from local mages"
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You mispelled "would'nt", it's: Wouldn't

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Voth Ahkrin!
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