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Fever Community Mature/PC/PvE/PvP

Started by LitchOmatic
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Hero's of Tamriel lend me your ears!

Fever Gaming Community is recruiting casual active players for our ESO guild we are about 40 members so far ( we are new to ESO) but that doesn't mean that we don't know what we are doing)

So you have to be thinking why does it say Community well that's a good question and the answer is a community is much more then a many gamer's play just one game almost none so if you are starting to get bored of ESO and say hey i wanna try WoW or Guildwars 2 we have active people playing games not just from ESO but from a verity of MMO's MOBA's FPS stop playing alone and start playing with fever members who would love to have that extra guy or gal on there team that knows what he or she is doing!

But enough about all that :D

So why should you join Fever in ESO?

Well thats simple we both PvE and PvP we are willing to help anyone who needs it from the pro's to the newbs.

We offer active mature members who will not judge you if you need a bit of work.

We have a guild bank and soon a guild store.

We have a teamspeak server that is entirely free for you to use to communicate with us and other Fever members.


Fever Clan <----Link to website

If you have any questions about the Community or Guild please message me in game @LitchOmatic (if im not on send me a mail with your question in it and ill get back with you ASAP)
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