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Finn Milanson

Started by Finn Milanson
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All of the stuff below might still change if something is not right or just sucks.

Firstname - Finn
Surname - Milanson
Sex - Male
Age - 23
Occupation - Adventurer
Faction - Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Appearance - He is fairly tall and muscular. He has half-long, dark-brownish hair and green eyes. He also possesses a series of badass scars on the left part of his face, given to him by a large wolf.
Personality - Rather stubborn and proud, but also adventurous and willing to fight for those he cares about. He likes to learn but he is fairy undereducated.
Social Background/Backstory - Finn was born in south of Skyrim, in the forests of the Rift. He was taught how to read and write but he doesn’t know about the world outside of the Rift. He has next to no knowledge of history or politics. His parents were hunters, and Finn and his older brother, Thurin, grew up as hunters too. Finn, however, wasn’t extremely skilled with the bow, unlike his brother. They grew up together as a good team, but Finn started to find the life of a hunter rather boring. He wanted to see the world beyond the Rift, beyond Skyrim even. At the age of 17, Finn started to seriously think about leaving his family and starting a new life as a treasure hunter. He asked his brother to join him, but Thurin refused. He said he would not leave their parents alone, not with all the dangers and the war. Finn’s father, however, thought it was a great opportunity for his youngest son. He had already mentioned a few times that even though the life of a hunter was rather peaceful, there was no future in it and it could get fairly boring. After some convincing his mother also agreed and Finn started to prepare for his journey. Two weeks after his 18th birthday he left his family and set out for Windhelm. In Windhelm he overheard two men talking about a treasure in Solstheim. Finn walked over to them and asked them if he could join them on their trip to Solstheim to get the treasure. Immediately the youngest of the two men said: “Great! Now I won’t have to go!” The other man pushed him away and asked Finn to take his seat. The name of the man was Halund and he had been travelling all over Tamriel. He did not want to tell what treasure he was looking for, but he ensured Finn it would be worth his time. He said that bards would sing songs of their adventure for ages.

Finn and Halund explored some caves around Windhelm till they got enough gold to travel to Solstheim. They never got into real trouble as both Finn and Halund could both handle themselves pretty well. Once they arrived at Solstheim they made a camp in Hirstaang Forest. Halund finally wanted to reveal his plans to Finn. “I have been planning this ‘expedition’ for years now, but when we were about to leave, the boy you saw at Windhelm kept trying to stop it. He wasn’t so tough after all, I suppose.” Halund said. He explained that he had studied the stories of Ahzidal, and his treasures in Kolbjorn Barrow. Finn became excited when he heard the stories of the great power Ahzidal’s relics contained, he wanted to have those items, even if he wouldn’t be able to use some of them, they would bring him glory. They planned to leave the next day, but Finn could barely sleep that night. He kept thinking of the next day, of Ahzidal’s relics, of the glory that they would bring him.

Howls. Finn woke up. Something was wrong. The fire was still burning yet those howls seemed close, very close. More howls. It was dark, but Finn could see things moving in the forest. Wolves. They had surrounded the camp. Finn slowly grabbed his shield and tried to reach for his axe, but then the wolves attacked. “Halund!” Finn yelled. A wolf jumped towards Finn, but he raised his shield just in time. He picked up his axe and smashed it down in the skull of the nearest wolf. Halund had also woken up now. He tried to crawl towards Finn as fast as he could, but a wolf grabbed his ankle. Finn ran towards him to help him, but just before his axe struck the wolf an arrow pierced its neck. Finn looked around, where did that arrow come from? Another wolf fell down a few metres away. Halunds ankle was badly injured. He couldn’t stand. Finn hit another wolf with his axe. Suddenly a large wolf pushed him over and he hit his head on a rock. Darkness.

Finn woke up in a warm room, he didn’t have his armour on anymore but instead a set of warm, thick clothes. There was an old woman standing beside the bed, dressed in the same kind of clothes Finn was. “Who are you? Where am I?” Finn asked. The old woman answered: “Stay calm and lay still, the All-Maker seems to like you enough to not have you been torn apart by those wolves, it would be a shame if you died of an infection now, wouldn’t it? I am Freyja, the Shaman of this village.” The All-Maker? Which village? Finn was confused. He asked questions, and Freyja answered them. The following months flew by, Finn learned the ways of the Skaal. He agreed with them on many points, but disagreed on some. He started to believe in the All-Maker, he realised that this was the true religion and he needed to respect life more. He had to become one with the land. He realised he did not want wealth at all. Finn had slowly recovered from his injuries, but he didn’t want to leave the Skaal just yet. He still did not know what had happened to Halund. Together with a few member of the Skaal, Finn set out to find what had happened to him. They searched for weeks, but Halund was nowhere to be found. Finn finally accepted that his companion had returned to the All-Maker.

Finn eventually left the Skaal and returned to Skyrim, but he promised them to return one day, to spend the rest of his days with the Skaal. Finns adventure has only just begun. He will continue his life with a new point of view, and he is hungry for a new goal in life.

Skills - Great with a shield and axe.
Religious Views - Finn believes in the All-Maker, like the Skaal do, but he has his own ideas about some things. He doesn't live the way the Skaal do, he is a little bit more tolerant about killing than they are for example. He thinks his own goals are very important too.
Politics Views - He cares and knows little about politics at the moment, but he is proud to be a Nord.

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