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Firengard King Killer (My Online Character)

Started by MLGjorge
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Name - Firengard

Surname - Gevannri

Background - Firengard was born in Auridon , He and his family traveled from city to city in order to make a steady balance , His father was a Miner and his Mother was an Ore merchant.
His father was considered the wise brute of the family , strong tall hardy and resistant while at the same time wise and diplomatic , His father while being a high elf despised magic , He was nicknamed the Golden orc of Auridon.
His father prior to settling down was in the dominion , Contrary to his son his father believed the Dominion was corrupt and worthless , His father worked just to get the streets rid of thieves and assassins.
Firengard on the other hand loved both magic and what the dominion stood for.
while his father honored the old aldmeri pantheon firengard was a believer of the 8 divines , Despite these differences Firengard and his father were a perfect bond.
They would go out and hunt in the forests of Valenwood or trade with the sneaky merchants of Elsweyr.
Firengard's height was impressive , at only 13 years old he was taller than almost anyone he had met , This made him a great scout , Firengard had a downside though , he was either very likable or someone you despised , He used this to his favor often sticking with a close group of friends whom always had his back.
Firengard's father trained him self defense with a Sword since a young age , a skill he still uses to this day.
Firengard moved to high rock when his mother passed away , Auridon was a very sad place for him , he needed a refreshing change.
Bretons did not seem to like Firengard , nor did they like his Elven friends.
Firengard had a bar fight with the son of a noble , Firengard emerged victorious but was quickly imprisoned , on the 21st day of imprisonment he was escorted to the noble and the noble said he would let him free if only Firengard would pay a 10,000 gold . Firengard did not have this type of money Firengard said to the noble he could not pay , the noble replied with a witty remark about Firengards Economic situation then offered him a duel to the death for Firengards freedom.
It was a tense and close battle , Firengard sliced through the nobles throat with his blade and earn his freedom.
Firengard was then nicknamed by locals , King Killer although he had killed the kings grandson.
a name he still uses to this day.

Age - 58

Religion - The 8 divines
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Aldmeri Dominion
I like it.
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Aldmeri Dominion
Maybe you should add his political views, along with a title(generally optional) and also his race. Just a tip. Good bio man

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