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Forgotten Memoir
Forgotten Memoir

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Victor Wright.
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About Forgotten Memoir
Main The World
This guild, Forgotten Memoir, is one that tells the story of the lost Elder Scroll that is presumed to may have never existed, only because it is the first one that was forged out of the ashes of the most powerful Dremora Lord. It tells the tale of how the forge master, both skilled at smithing and magic and blessed by the Divines, had such bravery in a very daunting task, because no one had ever been able to defeat the Dremora Lord, or even for that matter, lay an eye upon him and live to tell the tale. But on the day that the Forge Master defeated the Dremora Lord he never told anyone, and he took the body to his cabin in the farthest outskirts of the desert and began to burn it to ashes. He was surprised as to how long it took for the body to burn into ashes, for it took two weeks under the most intense flames. After the body was in ashes he piled them up and began to chant spells and strike them with an hammer infused with the Blessing of the Divines. Once that was done he began to write in the most ancient of tongues, which no one knew and no ordinary man could comprehend, for if any ordinary mortal would dare such a feat they would become overwhelmed and die a very unnatural death. By the time the Elder Scroll was completely finished the old Forge Master had finally taken his last breath from years of working on such a masterpiece. At that moment he had finally understood why it was he that had been blessed by the divines. No one knows who he was, whether he was Breton, Redguard, or Orc. No one really knows if this Elder Scroll exists, all we know is that his little cabin is still somewhere in the farthest reaches of that desert under who knows how much sand. Some of the last known pages of his memoir still scour the world and has given later generations in later era's knowledge of how to obtain such power. Who knows, Magnus may have been able to transcribe the Forge Mater's writing and craft his Staff and his Eye because his power was to great to be held. The world will only be wondering about the First Elder Scroll, that was never known.

And that is a description of the guild, Forgotten Memoir.
The way the guild will be ran is through freedom to do what ever, and have fun doing it. The guild is to be social and work as a team, as a single and impenetrable unit. Help each other, if we can ,and ultimately be supportive in advice giving and decision making.
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