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Foriel Barkwing (Updated)

Started by Ri'Do'Ja
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Name: Foriel Barkwing

Race: Bosmer

Age: 25, born on the 14th of Sun's Height, 2E 553.

Origin: A small border city between Valenwood and Eleswyr, Torvol, at 15, he elected to go to Elden Root and live with cousin.

Birth-sign: The Shadow

Occupation: Spy, Scout, Thieve's Guild member

Relatives: His parents are both warriors in the Aldmeri Dominion army and have been since he was 15, he’s 25 now. His mother (Geldii) specializes in interrogation and his father (Elbero) specializes in planning out attacks. He now “lives” with his cousin, Thaer, in his house, but is there so little that is more of a vacation spot.

Brief description of appearance: Foriel is by all means a normal looking Bosmer, if a little short. But, if you look closely you might see two quivers underneath his cloak, along with a satchel full of all types of potions. And the hard, intelligent look in his eyes.

Weaponry: For daytime missions, he uses a glass bow, two swords and a dagger and for nighttime missions, he uses an ebony bow, two swords and a dagger.

Armour/Clothing: Whatever he needs to blend in, when scouting at night glass armor, painted black, in the day regular glass armor. He always wears a cloak over his armor. When spying, he takes on any appearance he needs… poor farmer, rich bachelor, etc.

Religious Point of View: Foriel is a devout worshipper of the Bosmeri Pantheon. He however does not believe that prayers get through but rather actions. Thus, he always helps beggars, gives food to the poor, etc.

Political Point of View: Foriel is a proud supporter of the Aldmeri Dominion and believes that it is only a matter of time until Queen Ayrenn has the throne. He is also very happy and proud that his parents are members of the Aldmeri Dominion who are highly respected.

Loves: Antique Bows, fast horses, his friendships, and the twang of a bowstring, History

Hates: Liars, traitors, snow, the Ebonheart Pack, assassins

Strengths: Foriel is smart, loyal, and brave. He is an excellent archer and a highly competent swordsman. He has a gift for staying unseen. Foriel can also speak many "beast" languages, including, but not limited to, Nymph, Centaur, and Harpy.

Weaknesses: Foriel is a little arrogant, loses focus easily sometimes and has a little bit of a temper. He is way to loyal to his friends and to save them would let entire cities of innocents be destroyed to save them.

Companions: Foriel has few close friends, lying to others that are close to him does not appeal to him. As such, the only people he truly feels close to are his parents, Thaeril, and Anrelri (the friendly side). He also owns a black horse named Midnight and a brown-white falcon named Aria. Thaeril also has a few messenger birds, mostly falcons, that he allows Foriel to use.

Notable relationships: Foriel‘s parents are warriors in the Aldmeri Dominion army. He has not seen them in 5 years although receives and writes numerous letters. He does not have any siblings.
He is close with his cousin Thaer who he views as a father figure.
Foriel is very close with the "damaged" vampire, Anrelri. They bonded over a mutual love of history and archery after Anrelri's bad side tried to feed off of him. He is constantly searching for a way to cure her of her multiple personalities.

Best Memory: Completing his first spying/scouting mission.

Worst Memory: Learning that his parent's would have to go off to war.

Skills: Archery*, Swordsmanship (Dual handed* and one sword), Sneak*, Lockpicking*, Pickpocket, Medium Armor*, Speech, Acrobatics, Unarmed. *=Major Skill.

Rumours (true and untrue):

1. Foriel is the Bosmer vigilante, The Black Arrow.
2. He hates Daedra and tries to destroy all who consort with them.
3. Whenever he takes a life he meditates to figure out if his reasons were just.
4. All of the letters he has ever gotten from his parents, he puts in a locked chest with only 1 key.
5. His favorite colors are black, blue, and white.
6. He carries a journal around wherever he goes.
7. Some believe that the reason he is so good with archery is that he is half Daedra.
8. Foriel is interested in history and is in the process of writing a series on the history of races and provinces.
9. The reason he hates assassins is a member of the Dark Brotherhood tried to kill him when he was traveling to Elden Root. Oddly enough, he is constantly trying to contact and join the Dark Brotherhood.
10. At the age of 15 he could shoot an arrow 200 meters into an apple and knock an arrow out of air.
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