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Forum Rules

Started by Tecca
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These rules will be short and much of it is up to your own discretion. If problems start to arise, however, they will be modified accordingly. So instead of doing that, let's all just play nice, yeah?

I'm not going to make some crazy threat about using "the ban-hammer" on you if you decide to break the rules. That's just not my style. I'm not a jerk, and threats are a little jerkish.

Let's get to it, then!

Posting & Replying to Topics.
  • English is the primary and focus language of Everywhere on the forum, English is required. This includes guild pages.
  • Respect. Please respect your fellow TESOF members. Everyone has an opinion - if you don't agree with them, that's completely fine. But don't disrespect anyone that has a differing opinion.
  • Swearing, cursing, potty-mouth; whatever you'd like to call it - not a big deal. Just don't do it excessively or you'll find your posts being edited. That doesn't mean you can curse at or about someone. That would be breaking the above rule. Ya know?
  • Racial slurs are not acceptable in any form. There will always be someone that gets offended, even when used in certain, non-hostile context.
  • Personal attacks and trolling. These two are a no-no. No personal attacks against anyone, whether they are members here at TESOF or not. And trolling, while sometimes funny, is not tolerated. If you're not sure what trolling is, your good buddy Google should have an answer for you.
  • Advertising. If it's something that can generate a discussion, go for it. If you're just shamelessly plugging a website to get a few visitors, the topic or post will be deleted. That's not to say linking to articles or resources is the same thing as advertising. We all know the difference.
    --Advertising your guild, even if it's a direct link to a TESOF Guild Page, is not allowed. Those that wish to recruit may post within the stickied topics in their respective faction forums.
    --Advertising your YouTube channel via the Videos section is not allowed. If you wish to share your videos, use the Fan Creations forum.
  • Spamming. Please don't do this. Spam bots already have that area covered.
  • Politics & Religion. These are touchy subjects, so they should be avoided.
  • False Information. Intentionally spreading false information, whether by images, text, or otherwise, is a bannable offense.
  • NDA and Leaked Material. No please. We're not that type of site, so if ZeniMax doesn't want something out there just yet, don't share it here.
  • Spoilers. If you're going to post potential spoilers about a video game, or movie I suppose, use spoiler tags. Don't ruin anything after the first 5 minutes. Example below.
[spoiler]This is a spoiler! There's stuff in here some people may not want to see...[/spoiler]
This is a spoiler! There's stuff in here some people may not want to see...

The Other Stuff.
  • Only 1 forum account is allowed at If you have problems with something account-related, contact me via message or e-mail: admin [at]
  • Signatures cannot contain images and should be no more than 4 lines of text. Only 3 links are allowed in your signature. Signatures cannot be added until your post count is 5 or greater.
  • No warez, porn, or illegal... stuff. Thanks.
  • There is to be no advertising in the Thu'um Box (shout box). Follow all posting rules while shouting, and you'll be good to go. Spam is also not tolerated, though you're free to be quirky and have fun with it. Just don't post gibberish with the intention of filling the Thu'um Box with nonsense.
  • Moderation, warning or ban of users may not be discussed on the forums nor shout box. If you have something to add to a matter at hand please contact a member of staff. Please keep in mind that we will not disclose anything to third parties and rest assured we do not take measures lightly.
  • Faction banter is to take place in the tavern threads. You will find a tavern in each faction forum. The rest of the boards are off-limits for any factional or racial squabbling!

    AD: The Flightless Eagle
    DC:The Toothless Lion
    EP: The Broken Dragon

These rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Ultimately, Moderators at TESOF have the say in what is acceptable or not. If you have a problem with something that has been moderated, take it up with the specific moderator. If this route does not find a solution, contact an administrator.
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Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.
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