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Found major glitch......

Started by walter34payton2002
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Hey guys I'm new here. I am really bummed out right now.

This is what happened.....I am Ebonheart Pact. I decided to play all the side quests and left most of the main quest for later. Well I did this and when I became level 50 (Vet 1) all the main quest goes away, I am stuck right before Halls of Torment. As soon as I became level Vet 1, all of main quest disappears, when I visit Harborage, everyone is there but they dont offer quest.....

This is a major glitch. I can't finish main quest so I cant access veteran areas. I have tried everything. It is just as soon as I turned level Vet 1 all main quest stopped. I was able to complete the previous quest "The Tharn speaks," but upon completing that quest (I was level 49) I leveled up (from the exp of that quest) and that was it. NO MORE MAIN QUESTS.

I guess its a rare situation maybe because I leveled as I completed that quest and turned to vet level and it glitched......

Any help??? I may just have to start over....Over a month of work and a lot of time to get to vet levels and then this.....
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