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Foundation lore: 20th of Frostfall, 2E 575

Started by Nehemia
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The couriers arrived, the letters were delivered. The order had been given. Horik sat in his quarters with a doubtful mind. How can he trust the character he had met nine days ago? He couldn't, but any kind of information was welcome, and it did not hurt to poke the bees nest. The letters were sent to the three holds. To interrogate and check upon a person, and if indeed found vampire, slain to the very spot. "This is a witch hunt." He muttered and stood up, he walked to the window to see if the character was standing there, but unlike the recent nights, the character was absent. Horik washed his face in the washing bowl, and returned to his studies.

The night time approached. The guards of Windhelm busted open a door to the blacksmith's house. Ten men rushed indoors, surrounded Sond of Windhelm, who was sitting on table, feasting with his family. Sond hissed as the grin revealed his fangs, he knew why the men were there. The children ran with horror, but they were catched as they attempted outdoors. The wife staring at Sond with disappointment. "You promised we'd be safe." Sond looked down upon his wife, who had fell from the chair to the cold, stone titled floor. "We have been betrayed, my love." The spears thrust through both of their bodies. When the soldiers left, piles of ash were scattered upon the Sond the blacksmith's house.

Meanwhile, in Whiterun, Kjar World-healer was tending a wounded man. Soldiers slowly approached behind him. "Kjar, arise and be questioned." Kjar slowly stood up and stared at he guardsmen. One of the guards brought a torch closer to Kjar, who immediately backed down, as being afraid of the fire touching him. Kjar fell on the man he had been tending, the guards exchanged glances with each other, and without hesitation, they slayed the unarmed healer. The wounded man screamed as if a child had seen an Falmer, when the vampires corpse turned into ashes on top of him.

As for the Wayfare inn. Two men walked indoors to the tavern, they glanced about, looking for Argritte. They walked to the inn's counter, and whispered something to the innkeeper. "We need you to be calm, there is an potential vampire about." Sweat started to flow from the Innkeepers forehead. It did not take long for the innkeeper to figure out who'm of his patrons was the one the concealed guards were talking about, and just as his face about to turns towards Argritte, who was sitting in the inn, the other man whispered. "Do not look at her, just tell us if she currently resides in the inn." The Innkeeper nods, and as the two men turn around, Argritte's daggers are shoved into their throats. The innkeeper had failed, his horrified eyes had shifted to Argritte, who guessed what was going on. More men rushed into the tavern, and the recently dead guardsmen rose from the bar counter to assist Argritte. A fight ensued, the numbers were evenly matched. The people inside the inn ran to cover, some hid themselves in their rooms, some ran for the cellar, others couldn't put to hide beneath the table. At the midst of chaos Argritte managed to get to the inn's door, she slammed it open and ran on the road towards the falling night-time. She saw a man on the road, but ignored the assumed pilgrim. The moment she was about to pass the pilgrim, she felt something stopping her from moving forward. She looked down upon her chest, a blade had gone through. Her eyes shift to the pilgrim. "You..." The pilgrim smiles, leans forward to Argritte's ear and speaks. "Blood is the fuel of life, the sacred pact. With this blood do I, of the Foundation, chastise my enemies, censure the darkness."

The pilgrim, lowers himself to a kneeling position as he assists Argritte who's body collapsed. Argritte smiles at the Pilgrim. "Truly worthy of your title, you are." She coughs blood. Both of them stare at each other in silence, the guards are observing form the Inn's porch, the re-animations were defeated. "And the others?" She asked. The Pilgrim shook his head. "Rest now, my sweetest dear. The best is yet to come." he pulls off his glove, places his fingers on Argritte's eyelids and slowly closes them.

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