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Foundation lore: Sixth of Frostfall, 2E 575

Started by Nehemia
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The snow rarely falls on the Hold of the Rift. But on Sixth of Frostfall, 2E 575. The snow flakes danced in the wind. The air was bitter cold, frigid and deadly. On establishment of The thane Horik, servants, commoners and guard the like gathered close to any pits of fire they could find. The heart fires of coal and wood brought little comfort to the cold, dark night.

Horik's mind was weary, his guts told him he had overlook something, something his mind of a scholar should have noticed right from the beginning. He began to look at the answer from his investigations quarters. His plate boots caused echoes in the hall ways. He opened the heavy door to the quarters slowly. To his notice, the main table had been flipped over, and all the paper work has spread across the room. His eyes flashed, and his expression turned grim as he finally realized the missing part of the puzzle. With haste, he rushed outside to the yard, on wards to the servants quarters. He slammed the double doors open. His foot steps pace grew faster as he approached his new servants bunk. Upon arriving, he saw that all the servants belongings were gone.

Horik wiped his face with his hands, he understood now. He knew, that upon returning to the investigations quarters, he wouldn't find the missing page of the codex. His thoughts raced, and then it hit him, like an orcs warhammer bonking his head. His pulse started to race, thoughts of terror cornered his mind.

The servants had never seen the Thane rushing through the courtyard with such a haste. The thane locked the entrance to his tower on his way, ran up the stairs post haste. When he arrived to his desk, he began catching breath. His hands were shaking as the quill's sharp end touched the ink pot. With unsteady hands, he began writing a letter. He did not care for the formalities nor the handwriting, as long as it was clear enough to read.

When he was done, he sighed deep. When the seal's wax was still soft, the worried Thane walked up to a window, gazing at the Rift's dark woods. Between few birch trees he noticed a figure. It was hard to tell the figures race, height or clothing. But those red eyes made no mistake.

That night, in the Bear-Arrm Estate, very few enjoyed the comfort of sleep.

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Read all your "updates" now, the plot thickens!

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