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Founding Fires: A New Lore

Started by Sarin strdr
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I am doing a Lore from scratch but I am a bloody terrible artist and occasionally get a case of the writers block I was wondering If anyone was interested in lending a hand or Just hearing about it.

Quarin Maps

Races of Quarin

Human: Kye in the tongue of the Erema the humans are a very young race who often makes rash decisions. They are dark haired and bearded with a moderate amount of muscle on their bodies. The human have many enemies as in past years they have treated the other races poorly and now suffer for it sitting at the bottom of the Racial Hierarchy prevalent in the Three Kings Empire. With no particular mastery of talents the humans are well rounded in all areas though have a knack for produce great leaders and acquiring money. 5`8-6`5 tall and weigh 190-290 pounds.

Orc: by far one of the ugliest races the Orc are a barbaric race that call the frozen island North of Silverstead home. The Orc are a muscular dark gray skinned race with patches of hair on their head and sharp jagged teeth. They were once known as the Malinmar the most beautiful of the races to walk Quarin but now are cursed to walk Quarin as savages who have little mercy and often kill for the fun of it. The Orc greatest strength is their lack of a soul due to a curse by the Erema though an Orc is born with a soul and the soul is removed in the womb the Orc`s magical journey is not over they soulless nature renders them immune to magic so they must be fought will bow or blade to be slain neither of which is safe. The Orc look up to the Malinmar in hopes of one day being able to feel the magic warm their blood and destroy their foe. 6`0-6`7 tall and weigh 250-320 pounds.

Malinmar: The original race of Quarin the Malinmar are the most beautiful race of Quarin with golden skin and long golden brown hair flowing freely down they slender shoulders all the races of Quarin admire the Malinmar`s beauty. The old race is the most gifted of the races and the founders of many of the finer arts in life. The race is a natural leader and responsible for the near destruction of the Elven races in the beginning before history. Their magical skill is a true marvel though due to their pride and actions against the elven races the Malinmar were cursed by the Erema who turned many Mailnmar to Orc though some managed to escape to Kalzaria and colonize only to return many year later to offer salvation to their Orc Brethren in hopes to restore them to their once proud state. The Malinmar may only now walk the lands of Quarin again confined to the borders of the Three Kings Empire they wait openly trade their goods with the other races. 6`3-7`0 tall and weigh 190-230 pounds.

Silent: Calsus Malsus in the tongue of the Erema the Silent are a short mute race that always hides their body in a thick fur coat and iron mask. their skin is pale and cold to the touch while they communicate through telepathy and are extremely hostile to the other races of Quarin. Well versed in the arts of Magic the Silent are a worthy adversary to the greatest of soldiers and have no problem sitting in isolation on their Isle of Silence which even the most brazen adventurers dare not tread. The race is not particularly strong or fast but make up for what they lack with a great understanding of their magical limitations and have created a weapon that funnels and amplifies their energies to get the maximum damage at the usage of their Soul force. 4`5-5`4 tall and weigh 120-170 pounds.

Dragon: Made by the Malinmar the Dragon were Gifted to the Erema as a peace offering but were later set free and have developed a nomadic lifestyle rarely crowding one area with more than a few small Dragons. The Dragon gifted with it`s wings and ability to breathe a varied assortment of breathe based weapons down on the lands of Quarin makes the dragon a creature of great terror to those who lack the means to kill it. Though a dragon may only have one breathe based attack which is reliant on the type of dragon the power all the same wreaks havoc on the peoples of Quarin. Dragons make a semi annual visit to the floating island above the bay of Erthane to meet their keepers the Kin who cater to the Dragons every whim. This only lasts about a week as the Dragons leave their hoarded Treasure for to long and must check on it periodically. 15`0-23`6 tall and weigh 15000-25000 pounds.

Wood elf: Kine in the tongue of the Erema the Wood elves live in the Centre of Quarin above the Soulforge and reap the benefits of having an immortal city. The wood elves are and exceptional quick and graceful race that are often light brown in hair colour and unable to grow facial hair. A race of great bowmen and gifted with an pool of unlimited stamina never tiring the Elves are a reasonably respected foe. The Elves life is one of preservation of the natural world as their forest is the oldest of all Quarin it`s large trees that surround the border are un-scalable due to their size. The elves have made their city of ivory simply calling it the Immortal grove and were severely hurt when the Three Kings turned their attention to creating their tower of Ivory in the center of the City. 6`3-7`2 tall and weigh 120-210 pounds.

Arcane elf: Dalen in the tongue of the Erema the Arcane Elf is similar to their Woodland cousins. The Arcane elf has a lighter skin tone and typically slower than the Wood Elves also lacking the unlimited stamina of their Woodland cousins the Arcane elves are have no real home though they do find themselves quartered in the Arcane tower quite often. Their natural magical affinity allows them to learn a great deal of magic in a short amount of time though they must still progress through the schools or Strengths of magic the same an Arcane elf is more likely to master the magics before another less talented race. 6`3-7`3 tall and weigh 120-210 pounds.

Wolfmen: Zareth in the tongue of the Erema the wolf like race stands like a man in to body of a wolf with hands structured of a man and appear to be a wolf`s they are quite the sight. Their strong muscles and pack mentality lead them across the lands of Silverstaed though they are most at home sharing the southern lands with the Omnice. The women's balance of agility, strength and razor sharp claws and teeth have attached a certain kind of fear to their howl. Not particularly friends with anyone their short tempers cause many disputes that always end in violence. The Wolfmen have a singular spiritual leader in a pack known as the shaman who leads the pack as a sort of King.

Vampire: Soles in the tongue of the Erema the vampire race looks similar to the humans though they skin tone is a slight more coppery and they are armed with poisonous sharp teeth and claws as well as being more nimble than the humans. They share a homeland with the Frost giants and are constantly at war with their neighbors in Frostfell. Since the Dwarven King has established an uneasy truce between the Frost Giants and Vampire they have stopped crossing each others borders and instead throw and shoot an assortment of weapons over the border at one another. 5`9-6`6 tall and weigh 190-290 pounds.

Goblin: Zeses Ylolen in the Tongue of the Erema the Goblin are a twisted race of Dwarves created by the Erema patron of Chaos. Their skin has become ashen and their culture forever changed though most of their appearance remains dwarven. The goblin are not a typically evil race though they are not particularly nice race either their dark origins leave the people of Quarin fearing them and the Goblins isolated without much of a home. The Goblin are much like the Dwarves though they must constantly compete with the Dwarves for mining space and are usually left with hard infertile lands the humans occupy and often are forced to leave as the Humans dislike the Goblins mining close to their cities. 4`5-5`7 tall and weigh 270-320 pounds.

Kender: Polus in Erema tongue the kender are the youngest and weakest of the races though this does not stop them from slipping your coin purse from your belt. They life quite comfortably with their friends the Zalex and tend to wander the lands of Quarin looking for adventure and new stories to share. The small races are quite often feared for what they might take from the people of Quarin but they always by "accident" of course, Kender spend most of their younger years in a wanderlust traveling this way and that commonly spending most of this stage in their lives in a jail cell in the towns though they never seem to mind and they are always let go after the night visit. Fearless in the face of danger and almost fatally so Kender have little understanding of the word fear and often stroll into places that would make any other their size turn and run. 3`5-4`9 tall and weigh 120-180 pounds.

Omnice: Frothgarin in Erema tongue the light gray skinned race is tall and quite muscular with dark hair and medium length beards. The Omnice are well renown for the strength of their armor and their mead. A race of alcoholics that require the booze to function as civil beings as without it they are blood thirst maniacs on a quest for booze. Their great size makes them formidable foe with many allies and few enemies. The Omnice are the race favored by Hanfroth the Erema from which the realm was "created" and all life given. They call the south country of Silverstead home and are rarely threatened by it`s inhabitants. 8`9-10`0 tall and weigh 700-1000 pounds.

Dwarf: Ylolen in the Tongue of the Erema the Dwarves are a particularly hardy race with thick dark hair and long beards. Their diverse culture resembles a cast system where Nobles lead over the warrior cast who make sure the servant casts do not disobey the Nobles and continue their work. An incredibly innovative Race the Dwarves are fond of crafting and mechanics like their cannons which protect their valley home from invaders. The Dwarves own northern Countries of Silverstead and rule over Frostfell where they frequently mine for mineral deposits which the refine and sell to increase their wealth. 4`5-5`7 tall and weigh 270-320 pounds.

Giant: Maltis in the tongue of the Erema the Giants are a semi peaceful race that calls the southern parts of Silverstead home. Their hair is often long and dark while they grow no facial hair and their bodies are not bulging with muscle though due to their size their muscles do not have to be very big to effectively accomplish their task. while they have no real form of Government they generally raid small settlements taking the settlers and locking them in large encampments where the devour them and use their bones to make ornaments like Windchims. Their Culture is a sort of close knit nomadic group that often live in groups of up to fifteen. Due to their enormous size the Gianrs are prey to little though are often a tasty snack for Dragons whom fly down and pluck them from the earth by their shoulders flying high up to drop the Giants to their death to be consumed later without a fight. Giants are often found nude or in clothes of sewn together furs and skins from whatever they might find. 15`2-16`5 tall and weigh 1000-3000 pounds.

Centurion: An old house of the Humans the Centurion are a race that is bound by a curse of the Erema that has corrupted their very nature forcing them to be fused to their dark bronze armor and due to this painful fusing the have turned their anger to the races of Quarin wielding their weapons they often raid Human towns though they are known to attack a varied number of targets. Their culture has been reduced to simple banditry as the have no longer the needs of their previous human bodies they are content with causing pain and suffering just as they feel every moment of their being. Reproducing through the use of Magic the Centurion have continued their endless assault on the races that they envy so dearly. 6`2-6`6`8 tall and weigh 270-300 pounds.

Undead: The race is a particularly ugly one resembling a multitude of races at a single time. It is rumored that the Undead were an experiment of dark magics in the southern marshes of Quarin they call home, though no one knows for sure whether or not the race is a result of twisted magic or some other darker means. Undead are armed with extremely potent poisons in their finger nails which they use to overwhelm a prey and tear apart. They do not move from their marsh homelands and seem to have a hive like mentality as one sees you be sure that many more will be upon you soon. Undead are a fierce foe who feel no pain and move at a slower pace than many races but make up for it with poison and overwhelming numbers. 5`3-6``2 tall and weigh 270-300 pounds.

Shapeshifters: Olthos in the Tongue of the Erema the Shapshifter are a race resembling Native Americans and possess the ability to change into three different forms of animals. The Shapesifters forms Consist of a Large Wolf, a large Bear, and a large Eagle. They have formed organized cities and look after each other taking no more than what they need from the forests of Garim in which they call home. They are lead by a single Chief who was elected by the people and then the tittle has been past from father to son after that. The Shapeshifter have no truces nor treaties with the Empire. Though they do not worship the Erema as gods they do not hunt down and murder the Worshipers like the Empire does so openly. 6`3-7`5 tall and weigh 250-300 pounds.

Frost Giants: Arcus Maltis in the tongue of the Erema the Frost Giant are seemingly made of ice and are smaller than their southern cousins though they are much more civil creatures. They live far north in Frostfell under the rule of The Dwarven King and at war with the Vampire. Their bodies are hardy and able to form weapons and tools for them to use. in combat or in other areas. The Frost Giants for obvious reasons dislike the use of fire coating themselves in a thick layer of ice and magic which has allowed them to make themselves into a great foe for upon touching a Frost Giant you are immediately frost bitten and are thus easier to kill and consume. The Frost Giants of the north hunt mostly with Ice spear they form of their bodies and run prey through a lungs or limb to slow them down before they catch it and beat it to death with their ice clubs. 12`0-13`5 tall and weigh 500-700 pounds.

Arvaada: The lizard like people of the Sitar Desert and Livarn the Arvaada are nomadic creatures that have evolved from a large desert lizard who still can be seen in the sands of Livarn today. They are naturally armed with claws and teeth as well as being rather tall for their muscle size the Arvaada are accustom to the deserts in which they live and bury themselves within the sand to kill intruders on their lands by feeling the vibrations of their footsteps and pulling them into the sand where their throats are slit and bodies often consumed by Arvaada only hours later. 6`5-8`2 tall and weigh 210-300 pounds.

Minotaur: Serksus in the tongue of the Erema the minotaur are a bull like race that stands like a man with hands that resemble a man`s and large horn that curve backward from the sides of their head in a semi circle before shooting out in diagonal lines forward from their faces. The Minotaur are natives to lands of Rapaziel and are a mostly sea fairing race whos strength is well respecting and feared. 6`1-8`2 tall and 210-380 pounds in weight.

Kin: Erema Salfus in the tongue of the Erema the kin are a short race descending from the Erema themselves. As the Kin are golden on colour and often taste of ale they are commonly treats for the Dragons which they tend to on a semi annual basis from they floating island over the Erthane bay in Silverstead. They are an immortal race who often is only killed as they have taken on the dangerous task of tending dragons. The Kin are very devoted to their task of tending to the dragons though they are also renowned makers of ale that on occasion has killed people from drinking a single glass of their fabled drink. 4`9-5`7 tall and weigh 200-250 pounds.

Trolls: Qualis in the tongue of the Erema the Troll are a mostly nocturnal race who has become used to the darkness and does not enjoy the rays of the sun. While no particular weakness to the sun the Trolls are more accustom to darkness and see far better in the dark. The trolls are a covered in darker hair and are armed with claws designed for tearing flesh and teeth designed for tearing and crushing their prey. Naturally armed with fair weapons Trolls do not confine themselves to the use of this natural weapon often striking at foe with weaponry they scavenge of caravans or Bandits. Trolls often live alone or in a same family like group in which only one troll hunts for the food and the others who are most often females spend their time reproducing and looking after the Children. Trolls Are not as good as the other races at speaking the common language and often mix up words creating the impression that they are a dull race though they are a not as dim witted as they may seem to outsiders often using tools just like the other races to do work simple materials. 5`9 tall and weight 600 pounds.

Manokarin: Balvus in the Tongue of the Erema the Manokarin are the most talented of all the races in the art of combat. A tall mountain folk looking somewhat similar to the humans of Silverstead but unmistakably unique. Born commonly with fair hair and bulging muscles the Manokarin have earned themselves the respect of the other war-waging races with their use of their Blood-rush ability that enhances the killing potential to great heights than most. A Manokarin`s worth is gauged in how well the can kill and thus their unique combat style is a beautiful sight that any of the races might stop to marvel at. 6`3-7`9 tall and weigh 210-325 pounds.

Kull: Rithos in the tongue of the Erema the Kull are an orcish looking race with large ram horns on their heads. Greenish gray in colour they are rather swift for their massive size moving at high speeds they smash into their foe with their horns to cause significant damage to their Target. The Kull are rather dim witted and often follow the command of their Shapeshifter masters. Kull society is very intertwined with their master`s to the point where Kull are often viewed as a mere slave race. Doing the heavy labour the Shapeshifters are not fit to do in their natural form the Kull have Attained little knowledge of anything else other than work. 6`5- 7`3 tall and weigh 200-600 pounds.

Shade: Nesthes in the tongue of the Erema the shade is a twisted race often producing some of the most cruel beings in the lands of Quarin. Their skin is rough and almost scale like skin that glows silver in colour. They are a slender race not known for brute strength but their magical affinity has allowed them to innovate dark magics that illude all but them. The founders of necromancy the Shade care little for the lives of others and often result in many peoples of Quarin to hate and fear the Shade. Shade are an immortal race that never ages upon full maturity and simply kills off the serfs when population increases far to high. The shade heal at an accelerated rate and have reflexes paralleling that of the Wood Elves. As the race highest in the hierarchy the Shade obey within their own culture a feudal system that prevents a Shade from moving up in power but leaves many places where a shade might lose everything. The Shade have the largest of all the cities in Quarin that often takes more than a day and a half to cross. Their wealth has grown and they now rest in the wealthiest nation of all Faringar.

Zalex: Arthess in the tongue of the Erema a realitively tall races the Zalex are the strongest of the races. Their skin is a dark black and their bones, nails, large Demonic horns, and eyes are a glowing blue colour. The Zalex harvest the bones of their ancestors to fashion their weapons and bring glory to them even after they have long since passed. The Zalex live with the much smaller Kender in the country of Foraine in Rapaziel. They are 6`30-7`9 tall and weigh anywhere from 900-3000 pounds.

PureBlood: a close relative to the Erema the Purebloods have been hunted to the brink of extinction due to their moral standings and overwhelming power. They are blood red in colour with a bon structure off their back that were once wings but now useless ornaments. The bear the same natural weapons many of the Races of Quarin do as well as a poisonous bite that causes the victim to become a thrall under the Pureblood`s control for thirty days before it dies. Purebloods have become little more than a legend to scare children who miss behave in their near extinct state though they mostly choice to spend their time unseen turning invisible when entering villages and cities. Purebloods often choice to dwell within caves where they are not harmed by society though on occasion they are found by those who choice to hunt the Evils in Quarin and killed. Though the Purebloods are quite strong and quick they are easy prey to silver weaponry that they have an extreme weakness to. 9`0-10`3 tall and weigh 450-600 pounds.

DragonHeart: The Dragonheart is a half Dragon race that seems human but has obvious Dragon-like features. Born of a Dragons magic this race has since grown to a now great and powerful race that is hard to pick out of a crowd and quite tough. They live long lives like that of their Dragon parentage and share the same breathe based powers that their parent Dragon has. They live in Rapaziel and are often peaceful keeping to themselves and hunting only game animals to survive while they have been sought as weapons in the past they are now left in their kingdom to live out their long lives in peace. 5`3-9`5 tall and weigh 190-500 pounds.

Races of Garmnok

Races of Kalzaria



Continents of Quarin
Silverstead:[/i] The central most Contient of Quarin home to a very Diverse group of races.
1) Tower of Sorcery
A) Kinith Tower

2) Arthose
A) Grove Town
B) Arthose Port

3) Varnith
A) Varnith

4) Erthane
A) Rosethorn
B) Sentice
C) Cloves town
D) Rain
E) Border Town
F) New Erthane

5) Sitar Desert
A) Sitar
B) Kinsfolk

6) Isle Of Silence

7) Orsiafawn
A) Gromal Boll
B) Dirsothin

8) The Frosty Isle
A) Isle

9) Thormast
A) Thorbardin
B) Misty Vale

10) Qualimon
A) Bordertown
B) Watch Tower
C) Immortal Grove

11) Hanfroth
A) FallenStone

1) Borithan
A) Granthem-Berg
B) Manin

2) Foraine
A) Salein
B) Hamorin

3) Hindred
A) Seline
B) Maike

A) Arma
B) Colose

1) Ganthar
B) Ice Vale
B) Valen

2) Moraine
A) Moraine
B) Slake
C) Wor-en
D) Mandi-Har

A) Sarvina
B) Goodhelm
C) Gull-creeg
D) Taribin

1) Livarn
A) Linarn
B) Manak

2) Rinain
A) Carmail
B) Tromstead
C) Dilmont

The Everforests have never dared to be explored as the Un-lifting winter that covers the harsh tundra is far colder than even the inhabitants of Frostfell wise to stand.

Dead Isles:
A series of Islands home to many monstrous creatures. Covered in a deep fog the Islands often cause sailors to wreck on the sharp rocks around the Islands forcing sailors to their horrible demise.

A large Island that contains many resources for Colonization.

Southern Mountains:
A vast mountain range that is rarely explored by the races.

A large Island that is prime for Colonization.

Great Houses Of Quarin

Numerial: The shade house that held the first shade empire. They now serve house Olvin in Faringar with a large wealth that is taxed by the Olvin`s.

Savrvini: The weakest and poorest of the Shade houses the Savrini watch over the slums of the great Shade city Sarvina.

Olvin: The Ruling Shade house the Olvin are a wealthy and powerful house who demand loyalty and run a large Gold mine.

Varic: Now slaves to the Amerial Family the House of Varic is content with their treatment but hate the Empire as most human do now a days.

Amerial: The wealthiest of all the Houses the Amerial family has paid for the favor of the three kings and as a result are free from slavery.

Deotrem: The first of the once great human houses to be reduced to slavery the Deotrem Family remembers the days of old when they were the ones with slaves and not the other way around their ambition exceed the other Human families as they will stop at nothing to be free. once more.

Welmont: The strongest of the Human Houses rode to meet the Three Kings when they invaded their homeland but fell in battle that day and no heir is known to exist.

Bartry: the House that helps tend the Three Kings People outside the Castle in New Erthane.

Velmond: The Velmond house was sent to Armose to colonies but no longer sends the Monthly reports they used to, the are presumed dead with a few Heirs living in Rapaziel.

Telbin: The Ruling Dwarven House the Telbin house has a vast wealth which they have acquired from there deep mines that reach far and wide under the soil.

Thornmere: An exiled House the Thornmere are a the tallest of the dwarves and the best fighters but where exiled when the Telbin house came to power. They moved on to the Everforests in the far north and haven`t been seen since.

Delvorn: the oppressed dwarven house serves House Telbin doing their dirty work for the scraps of the Telbin house.

Guilds/Factions of Quarin (Third Era)
Fighters Guild: mercenaries that show up to solve problems when the coin is worth their time.

Merchants Guild: a group committed to earn wealth collectively.

Arcane Society: A special home for mages to hone their talents and learn knew ones. Also a great place to find rare items.

High Clerics: A group committed to the worship of the "Gods" now confined to Garim or risk being Killed by the Three Kings master Assassins.

Iron hand: A group gifted to by the "gods" to hunt the non-believers out. Now but a fading memory fleeing at the side of the Empire.

Society: A group of well trained assassins the Society will kill anyone for the right coin.

Guardians of Silverstead: A group of Elite fighters sworn to protect Silverstead from danger. Now rendered useless by the might of The Three Kings.

Tarim: A guild of the best Fighters from all over Quarin. Now either retired in fear or part of the Royal Guard.

Dragon Riders: A group of Elite men and women chosen to ride dragons into battle. Now converted into the Royal guard.

ShadowSerpent: A group committed to hunting down monsters and the "Lesser races." Now wiped out.

Thieves Guild: An organized guild for thieves with access to special wares.

Sons Of Olinar: a group who hunts the shadowserpent to remove their values.

Ruiner Cults: declaring desperately that they are a race the ruiners are the group that has learned the use of the ruins to increase the strength in battle.

Reapers: A group of ten shapeshifters gifted with spectral abilities.

Three King Empire: The current powerholder in Quarin the Three Kings are the strongest and wealthiest of the houses. They have done much in their 500 plus years at power Establishing a racial Hierarchy at which races where assigned positions in the Empire as well as the first judicial system.

Kyros clan: The current powerholders in Garim the Shapeshifter leader is stubborn and often to willing to die in battle instead of lead his people into safety.

Rebel Forces: The forces that brought the Three Kings to their end and divided the Empire into multiple independent kingdoms that brought Quarin into the fourth era.

Hanfroth: The famed Creator of Quarin, patron of Runes, and king of the Erema Hanfroth favors the Omnice often choosing to appear as an Omnice to deal with the races of Quarin.

Kyros: The God patron to Death/ Torment and favoring the Shapeshifter he grants them great prowess in battle should they follow his teachings. In Marriage with Armina.

Morkonis: The patron to the Forge, and Fire Morkonis favors the Dwarf and has granted them great skill with many metals. In marriage with Navona.

Armina: The patron of Beauty and compassion Armina favors the appearance of the Wood Elf and is married to Kyros.

Olinar: The patron to the lesser races and rage Olinar favors the temper of the Wolfmen and appears often in the image. Olinar is deceased from the Titan War in the second Era and has all but been forgotten. Was married to Rinos.

Silmora: The patron to merchants Silmora favors the human nations and their ability to sell the goods of Quarin for a profit. Widow of Yilnar.

Navona: The patron to the magic and high society Navona favors the High Elves` magic and their ideal behavior. In marriag with Morkonis.

Sentia: The patron of warriors and strategists Setnia favors the Manokarin and their warrior ways. In marriage with Gar-Rosh.

Rinos: The patron to nature and peace Rinos favors the Giants ties to her area of Quarin. was married to Olinar before dying in the Titan wars.

Yilnar: The patron to Luck and thieves Yilnar favors the Kender`s great talent as a theif. Was married to Silmora but died in the Titan wars.

Gar-Rosh: The patron of Strength and Brutality Gar-Rosh favors the Kull`s great strength and destructive nature. In marriage with Sentia.

Lianar: Patron Titan of Chaos and a Erema in nature Lianar appears as a mist of Chaos his very appearance can drive men mad. Deceased since the Titan wars.

Nazar: Patron of revenge Nazar is the image of a twisted Erema appearing as a flaming Frost giant red in colour crushing enemies on the field of Battle. Deceased since the Titan Wars.

Pyraine: Patron of disease Pyraine appears and a Monster known as a Knighthood with thick fog of disease around him. Decease since the Titan wars.

Areivick: Patron of Order and neither Titan or God Areivick seized the throne of Thenia after the Titan wars but died many years later during the first Darkling invasion.

Sea Serpent: A sea faring snake like creature with the head of a shark it is known to sink even the largest ships by wrapping its long body around it and crushing the ship into nothing but rubble. they are usually about 1-2.5 km long and a kilometer wide at the largest as they weight 7000-12000 pounds.

Firebird: A large eagle like creature that lights itself ablaze when threatened and usually prey upon the smaller races and animals.

Ogre: A large rough skinned creature that is dark grey in colour and ranges from 10-12 feet tall and weighs 1200-3000 pounds.

Knighthood: roughly the size of a human the knighthood were once an order of knights who sought to defeat the Silent once and for all but failed and were corrupted with dark magic making them twice the warrior they once were and un-aging though their sacrifice was their free will and they are now nothing but puppets to whom ever my be skilled enough to control them.

Brutish: A race of corrupted Omnice the Brutish are twice as fast as a regular Omnice and as strong as three. They feel little pain and regularly ambush travelers as they are walking the roads of Quarin.

Griffins: A large creature with the wings of an eagle and the head of a lion the Griffin hunts with large talons and consumes it`s prey in pieces.

Cyclopes: A large one eyed creature with tanned skin and a seemingly endless hunger for the flesh of others. 11-13 feet tall and weigh 1500-2000 pounds.

Cursed: Human slaves to the Titans the Cursed bare the strongest runes on their flesh turning them to mere beasts in mind as the hunt relentlessly their enemies.

Almere: About the size of a horse the Almere camouflages itself to match it`s environment as it waits for an unsuspecting creature to cross it`s path before it runs them down with it`s large powerful legs and tear them apart with it`s large serrated beak of a nose, teeth and claws.

Wood: made of the trees of Quarin wood is a plentiful but hard to shape.

Rock: Rock is slightly harder to find than wood and harder to shape but much stronger.

Bone: Bone is readily available and easy to shape but breaks often.

Bronze: Bronze is the most plentiful ore and is much stronger than Rock but weighs more as well.

Iron: Iron is a harder ore to acquire and heavier than Bronze but is much stronger.

Steel: Requiring iron and coal Steel is both lighter and stronger than Iron.

Dwarven: magically imbued Bronze Dwarven metal is stronger and lighter than Steel.

Black Steel: Requiring Iron and Selvrin ores Black steel weighs more than normal steel but is much stronger.

Sandstone: The Elven ore which is much lighter than Steel and stronger than Dwarven but is limited.

Dragon: the flaming ore got it`s name for it is as hot as Dragon fire. It is extremely rare but stronger than Black steel and lighter than Dwarven.

God Steel: Made from the Blood of the God like Kin this metal is the rarest of all and stronger and lighter than any other material.

Lunarin: Stronger and lighter than black steel Lunarin ore can only be found and shaped in the Frost fire mountain in Frostfell.

Faringar Steel: All but gone in the third era Faringar Steel stinks with souls of thousands and cannot be shaped from its original form without the use of a Soul forge it is Stronger than Dragon and as light as wood.

Kalzarian: only Found in Kalzaria the ore it is hard to come by at a fair price but is worth it as it is as strong as Lunarin but as light as Dwarven.

Selvrin: the Key component to Black Steel Selvrin can only be found in tall mountains in moderate climates.

Diamond: An expensive Gem that can be sold to make profit but only is formed deep under ground.

Emerald: Formed higher up than Diamonds but is not as expensive.

Ruby: Formed closed to the Surface of the gems it is the least expensive.

Gold: Gold ore is rare to find in anything other than coin form.

Silver: Harder to find than Gold silver can be imbue with magic the easies but is not as strong as other metals.

Leather: can be made from tanned hides.

Hide: simply skinned off of anything and put to good use.

Coal: Found at the same depth as Emeralds Coal is more common than emeralds but is seldom used for anything other than Forging Steel


Horse: A moderately Hardy and fast mount horse are the cheapest and most common mod of transport excluding by foot.

Felm: With a gray and hard skin the Felm Resembles a lizard with short arms and strong and powerful legs it is the fastest of all the mounts but is unarmed and expensive.

Verg: A large wolf like mount with thick fur and sharp teeth and claws Verg are well armed but not as fast as the Felm though still quicker than a horse they are more expensive.

Classes types in Quarin
All people can use two classes.
Spellsword: the use of Basic magic with prominent melee abilities.

Berserker: Lightly armored quick and dual wielding warrior

Knight: Heavy armored slow with one weapon

Champion: A well rounded fighter with all Weapons and Armors.

Battlemage: skilled mage with minimal use of melee weapons.

Arcane: A pure mage using only magic to their defense.

Tempest: Well skilled enchanters, warriors and healers.

Necromancer: Magic user who harvests the soul force of others to replenish their own sucking their foes life from their very body.

Theif: Skilled in the art of stealth often used to pick locks or pockets.

Forgemaster: Well skilled in the art of craft forging weapons, armor as well as other trinkets of value

Merchant: Well skilled with people and selling wares.

Assassin: Master of the art of dealing Death without being heard the assassin is commonly hired to kill undesirables.

Beast: A mind gone mad over blood the beast tears through it`s foe leaving the body parts strewn about.

Naturalist: One who`s natural abilities are increased tenfold.

Shadow: With the ability to turn to a black fog the Shadow is a deadly foe in the night.

The use of Magic is directly connected to the users soul. upon conception a soul is given to a body and as it grows the soul becomes unmovable in the body. Upon Birth ones magical aptitude is determined by the strength of the soul which they were birthed. Using magic requires the use of ones soul force to power the spells which they are casting. When ones soul force runs out they must replenish it. This occurs thanks to Multiple objects in the realm that provide a source of magical energy for the mage to draw upon. These places are the Moons, the sun (also the portal between realms of Erema (The "Gods") and the realm of mortals (Quarin), or if close enough to the Arcane tower a mage may use the Eye of Sorcery which sits upon the top of the tower to regain soul force. In the case where a soul is absent which might occur in two incidents the person will be immune to magic. The absence of a soul occurs only when a person or group more commonly is cursed by a powerful magic user and altering their very being or in the womb when more than a single child is being boring the unborn might Give or take soul force defying the usual maximum soul force of 5 a child that is born to this process might have as high as 18.

The Soulforge
A Soulforge is a physical forge that sits in the center of every realm beneath the surface. A Soulforge is essential for a realm to escape the fate of the Abyss. A soulforge is what gives the races of the realm the ability to have children supplying them with souls that allow life to be created. The power of a soulforge varies though a soulforge can be made stronger or weak through the process of removing a soulforge`s essence from one realm and causing it to be reduced to a dark void known as the Abyss. A soulforge is the most powerful item in a realm and cannot create an item that is more than a tenth of it`s power though through the process of strengthening a soulforge one might create a stronger item. The effects of a soulforge on a person are devastating, If a person where to touch the surface of the forge the forge would react and punish the being with a great many effects but none are good. A soulforge might be used as an ordinary forge to Create Legendary items which carry great effect and can change the course of history in an instant. Though be wary Only a true master may use the soulforge to do their bidding as a soulforge is extremely unpredictable otherwise. Even under the right conditions the item created by the soulforge can harm the user, even resulting in a long and painful death. If ones skills permit they might be able to use the soulforge to augment warriors with great power and create beings known as Heroes. The last use of a soulforge is creating race or changing a races power, Meant only for the most knowledgeable of folk this ability allows complete power of life and death.

Giants of the Everforests
A distant relative to the Frost Giants of Frostfell the occupants of the Everforests refer to themselves as the Bertra. A shorter race of Giants the Bertra are a distinctive white-ish blue colour are well suited for the extreme terrain and weather patterns of the Everforests with bulging muscles. They stand tall within the eight to nine foot marks and share many of the same physical traits their southern cousin do. Having been at war with the Thornmere clan of Thormast the Bertra have become an extremely well organized society building their fortresses and cities completely out of ice using their distinct ice based magic. Their use of Guerilla tactics and hunting instinct has brought the Thornmere's to their knees forcing the sole survivor to return to Thormast. The almost daily blizzards of heir lands deter even the best equipped and organized professional armies, A once hunter gatherer society has evolved into a sophisticated society revolving around their strongest warrior in a feudal type monarchy looking towards the seas to expand.

The Darklings
The product of a dead Soulforge the Darklings are organized groups of mysterious beings who are invulnerable to the weapons of the realms and viciously aggressive towards the realms with active Soulforges. Attacking the other realms surrounding them scorching the lands and massacring the people until the final stage of the attack where the Darklings dig to the Soulforge and destroy the realm merging it with their own. Extremely organized and operating like many armies with Generals leading campaigns the Darkling siege fortresses with great efficiency and little resistance from many of the realms. The Darklings are of group think operating with one mind they are only harmed by their own weapons. A truly dangerous foe.

Naming in Quarin
Human: Lining up with English in many ways the names of the Humans vary greatly.
Common First Names: John, Gregory, Marcus, Sarah, Elizabeth, Fergus, Desmond, Sabrina, and Britny.
Common Surnames: Seawalker, Coldheart, Foxclove, Anclive, and Locksen.

Orc: With three basic prefixes and four sufixes Orcish names are as follow
Prefixes: Urg, Gro, Marg
Sufixes: Garmnok, Argmon, Garnm, Karilgmn.

Malinmar: A more regal bloodline of the Orc the Malinmar have family names added to the Orcish names.
Common Surnames: Marnic, Fermar, Aldimar, Deltric, and Kilmn.

Silent: As mutes the Silent don't have names.

Dragon: Dragon names are all unique and none are the same, their names are made into as little as six sylables and as many as seventeen.

Wood Elf: The Wood Elves' names consist of many Qu, ilon, Nil, Serm, and Harn sounds.
Common First Names: Quilion, Niljin, Harnilon, Sermgraa, and Qu'smn.
Common Surnames: Arvin, Delmret, Jahamn, Graa, and Qilous.

Arcane Elf: The Arcane Elves' names consist of many Ar, Ath, El, Yol, and Wev sounds. No surnames are within the Elven Society.
Common First Names: Armil, Athjerl, Yolengre, Wevlomn, Eldelramn and Argerila.

Vampire: Consisting of many Val, Ern, Con, and Mea sounds Vampire names are as follows.
Common First Names: Valientine, Ermmea, Conmalt, and Meatra.
Common Surnames: Odil, Valiscon, Merginia, and Ermkia.

Goblin: Similar to the Dwarven names but differ as Goblins share no family names. The Goblin names consist of many Th, Or, Teb, And Lui sounds and thus Goblin Names are as follows.
Common Names: Thlemic, Teblui, Ormagna, Luinthia, and Tebor.

Wolfmen: Many Wolfmen names consist of Zi, Xz, and Au sounds and thus Wolfmen's names are as follows.
Common Names: Zimilk, Xza, Aunix, Grazi, Aunxz.

Kender: Kender Names are full of exceptions though for the most part are named with a singular common name.
Common Name: "Hey don't touch that!"

Omnice: Omnice Names generally consist of three prefixes and six sufixes.
Common Prefixes: Thuor, Duor, and Kuor
Common Suffixes: Huic, Guar, Juo, For, Telic, Istran

Dwarf: Generally consisting of many Th, Or, Teb, Ma, Ra, and St sounds Dwarven names are as follows.
Common First names: Thremb, Thorma, Ora, Stalma, Teblin, and Raor.
Common Surnames: Teblinica, Ramast, Mastla, Maor, and Stor.

Giant: Consisting of many Ga, Jayr, Gry, and Mayl sounds thus Giants' names are as follows.
Common Names: Gamayl, Jayrlmn, Gryma, Maylbre, Maylga, and Jayrga.

Centurion: Another nameless being the Centurion rarely speaks.

Undead: Nameless the Undead often take titles instead of names.

Shapeshifter: Consisting of many Ky, Sor, and Ros sounds the Shapeshifter names are as follows.
Common Names: Kysor, Sormic, Rosonia, and Kysor.
Clan Names: Ironwing, Kyros, Darktree, and Freefire. Some don't belong to clans.

Frost Giants: Frost Giants names pocess many Fylor, Eyc, Folu, and Gluo sounds and as such their names are as follows.
Common Names: Fylorvis, Eyc, Foluglamt, Gluosti, and Folueyc.

Arvaada: Arvaada names consist of many Sva, Sli, Zys, and Qas sounds and thus names are as follows.
Common Names: Svazys, Svasli, Qassva, Slimalsva, and Zysliva.

Minotaur: Minotaur names consist of many Arv, Av, Tro, Ha, Ji, and Frl sounds and thus names are as follows.
Common Names: Arvji, Trojal, Hafrl, Trolj, Avfrl, Arvandre, and Harmalji

Kin: Kin decending from the Erma do not have names and respectively speak rarely to anyone but themselves or others of their races.

Troll: Trolls lacking a sophsicated society do not have names but territories in which they can be identified by different physical traits.

Manokarin: The Manokarin names consist of many Ha, Rak, Ja, and Lo sounds and thus the names are as follows.
Common names: Hark, Lorak, Rakja, Loja, Rak, and Hamorak.

Kull: A servant race the Kull take on the surname of their masters or first name if one isn't present

Shade: Shade names consist of many Wil, Hei, Mal, Dal, and Lok sounds.
Common First Names: Wilheim, Heimal, Lok, Malok, and Heimdal.
Common Surnames: Dalmast, Wilok, Valic, and Lokhei.

Zalex: Zalex have two names throughout their family shared by everyone being gender specific and consist of many Xz, Sq, Sv, Os, and Au sounds.

Pureblood: Pureblood have names have no common names and name themselves freely though few of them exist anymore.
Known Names: Sarlv, Delmondt, Galrn, Destrada, Jilma, Kreiss, Marvleis, Weqei, Qalin, Hereiss, Castqas, Polamondt, and Vistno.

Dragonheart: Dragonheart names follow the same principles of Dragon names but have an attached clan name.
Clan Names: Vilod, Nialsm, Belsm, Trysm, Limnos, Nsma, and Graa.
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Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Yeah, I'm interested, feel free to share your ideas... :)

Mer Over Man
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Share yo ideas ;)

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Yes share them please TESOF shall help you if you want it, but are you talking about TES lore; or your own lore?

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I have a close to and inch of ideas written down and a ton more in my head lol But Sharing is caring lol.

It is my own lore I have put a years work into it now but only recently starting writing shit down so I don`t forget. Blast my crappy memory
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That's what they taught me in school :D

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Well I guess I will start with setting. The main realm is Known as Quarin and is home to five continents and twenty eight races that have some form of civil society. There are an additional Two realms that I am working on and vary with their own races, cultures, languages, and structures. As well there is a realm in which a superior god like race lives and watches over Quarin. In between realms there is a void known as the Abyss from which the main antagonists come from periodically slaughtering the inhabitants of the three realms.

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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The Abyss sounds an awful lot like oblivion... Also damn you, you stole my idea fo' a thread! :P I'd be happy to help by the way.

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Twenty eight races? I'm sorry, but damn...
Can they people from one realm go to another?
Does everyone know about the realms?
Can the Gods go into the Abyss or the other realms, or is it like the Aedra is TES?
And are you doing this for fun, or for something like school?

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Realms are formed by the use of Soul forges and provide magic to the races that are born with souls (all races at one time had souls though souls have been lost due to angering the God like beings who curse a race.) The abyss is the lack of a realm where there should be one. This occurs when a soulforge is broken or used to strengthen another. Soulforges are physical in a realm and can be saught out and used like any other forge though it has another use locked away in it. Use of a soulforge as a normal forge results in extremely powerful weapons that in some cases can actually kill the wielder. The use of a soulforge as a tool results in multiple varying effects though only a true master can get the result they want a hundred percent of the time.

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Cool, I kind of want to do this now...
And editing right now, can another realm be created by using a Soul forge?
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this is purely for fun and the that is the races for a single realm that is nearing completion the other two and potential of many more are separate. Races if skilled enough in the use of magic (I will detail in a bit) can travel between realms and the abyss being where a realm should have been is enterable with the potential to create or fix a new soulforge which is quite difficult but possible. As there are a potentially infinite realms People know of them but are either to weak or content with their position though on one occasion a races has gone to another realm and colonized. and the Gods are not true gods they are merely a Supreme race that has influence in Quarin, They can go where they like in a true "God" form or in a vessel which they create.

(January 3rd 2014, 03:20 PM)alien138 Wrote: Cool, I kind of want to do this now...
And editing right now, can another realm be created by using a Soul forge?

Each realm has a soulforge with the potential for an infinite amount of realms Though a master of the soulforge might take one soulforges essence and return it to his own making it stronger as well as strengthening the things it can do even merge realms. Though sadly a soulforges essence can only be transferred not created or destroyed.

(January 3rd 2014, 03:14 PM)Roflwaffleauthoritah Wrote: The Abyss sounds an awful lot like oblivion... Also damn you, you stole my idea fo' a thread! :P I'd be happy to help by the way.

in actuality is closer to the void. the Abyss may consist of an dead soulforge, Darkilngs (I will detail in a bit), or more commonly both.
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Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Nice, nice. How long have you thought about this?

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A darkling is the creature that is formed in a dead soulforge with out a soul it is immune to magic. Being fitted in a suit of armor that is impenetrable to all but it`s own weapon. Not particularly skilled as a combatant a Darkling subdues realms by marching In a horde across a realm destroying everything and then if time permits seeking out it`s soulforge and capturing it`s essence carrying it back to the Abyss at where it sits unmoving, unless of course someone enters the abyss and claims it. At which point they may do with it what they like. Darkling weapon craft is the result of eons of work with a dead soulforge which might be used only to create darklings and their weapons.

(January 3rd 2014, 03:41 PM)alien138 Wrote: Nice, nice. How long have you thought about this?

I have been at this for close to two years no that I think about it.

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Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Sounds like a boss :D
TWO YEARS?! Dang man...

Nice Computer by the way, I saw that :D
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