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Francis Dufont

Started by DaggerfallRogue
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
First name - Francis
Surname - Dufont
Title - Lord
Sex - Male
Age - 26
Occupation - Mercenary
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Medium Height, cropped dark hair, large amber eyes, scars across lips
Personality - Aggressive, Cruel, Merciless
Social Background - Wealthy family of the infamous Dufont's
Best Memory - Killing father at the age of 13
Worst Memory - A failed heist in Daggerfall leading to the death of his partner
Skills - Killing, Sneaking, Leadership, Archery
Birthsign - Shadow
Religious Views - Follower of Sheogorath
Politics Views - Follower of King Emeric

Born into the infamous family of the Dufont's, Francis grew up on one of their many estates. He was a lonely and twisted child, craving the death of his never present father. He often disappeared for days into the woods, killing and cooking hare and other woodland animals, he would fashion his own weapons, building a skill of craftsmanship by stylizing his own daggers and arrows. He killed his first human at the age of 9, murdering the servant that ran the mansion, after he had tasted blood once he went on a frenzy; he killed four more that night leaving only himself and his faithful companion, the wardog Crixus. He ran from the house with a bloodied blade and a happiness of pure evil. He survived in the forest until at the age of 13 when he returned in the cloak of night to run a cool blade over the throat of his neglecting father. He felt no emotion that day, no mercy or happiness. Just a sense of completion. He raided his fathers safe, finding sacks of gold and items of expense, one of which a bust of the Daedric prince of madness, Sheogorath. That night his dreams were filled with the insane laughing and congratulations of the prince, telling him he had a certain aptitude for the task. The prince sent him on a mission to construct a fort on the barren mountainside, an impregnable mass o rock and ice. Here he recruited others like him, serving the will of Sheogorath and carrying out the murders of innocents. He continued like this until at the age of 26 the war of the alliances began. He felt the need to have purpose in the world, to do something rightmost and fulfill his wrongs. He pledged allegiance to the true king and the Daggerfall covenant. He rose quickly in ranks and serves as a special task unit leader, eliminating the leaders of enemies, of which are many.
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Nicely done. You have put some thought into this. I wrote mine in about 30 seconds

"I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid."
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