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FUN-Hardcore-PVP-Aldmeri Dominion
FUN-Hardcore-PVP-Aldmeri Dominion

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Moorecore.
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About FUN-Hardcore-PVP-Aldmeri Dominion
Fun is a hardcore PvP guild that was formed by other established guilds. Our raid times are usually from 8pm East to 12pm East. You will be expected to make at least three of these a week or at least let us know about RL complications. We expect every player to be at their best when we go into fights and cut the chatter. That being said while roaming feel free to socialize and have fun!

Our guild mission is to dominate much larger groups and even win vs 3+ enemy guild groups at the same time. This guild was founded on one principal, "The weak are dominated or destroyed.". We will also encourage communication from you as an individual when entering combat. For example the ability to call out crucial skills that benefit the group or if a certain ability is called that your class has either say "DROPPING!" or "CD!".

When it comes to experience... We have some of the best theorycrafters in the mmo scene that crunch formulas and are masters of min/max builds. Our MA's have EXP. going back to DAoC, Warhammer Online, AION, GW2. Many of us were part of the AoI Alliance in GW2 that won the top spot for over a year consecutively. We are already developing counter meta strategies and plan to take this launch by storm.

If your'e still reading I suspect we have caught your eye. As a trial member you will be evaluated over a two week trial period. During this period you will receive feed back and will be judged by how quickly you learn. We will pressure you and push you and maybe even break you, but if you make it through you will be one of us. We must all be tested against the anvil even the entire guild must go into hopeless fights of 6 to 1 odds or even greater to realize our true potential and get the PvP glory we are hungry for. Some will play for the loot, Some will play for the PvE, We will play to go where the action is thickest and be the last ones standing for the glory.

As a PvP player there is nothing more frustrating than joining a guild that cannot be competitive, that wipes easily and has to cower and avoid fights. Remember this when you look at the other PvP guilds. This guild does not cower. We are lions and no one forgets how menacing we are.

Apply at
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