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G Telowe Bearblood

Started by G_Telowe
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
First Name: G
Surname: Telowe
Spirit Name: Bearblood
Sex: Male
Race: Nord
Age: unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Faction: Ebonhart Pact
Skills: Primary- Tank, Secondary- Dps
Associations: Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dirty Dozen, Pack Laporum.
Affiliations: Compounded Daedric Curse.
Personality: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: A fairly average size build, standing on the slightly tall side yet lean, when compared to most Nords. Skin with hues of blue, purple, black, and even red, that is rock hard. Short dark brown, almost black hair and beard with battle bars, and eyes that glow an intense purple and have no pupils.

I do not remember my childhood, my mother or father, all I can ever remember is the darkness. Let's go back aways and maybe this can give you some insight into me. Quite some time ago the Daedric Princes got into a power struggle making pairs or small groups to fight each other, each thinking that they knew exactly how to win. Molag Bal created vampires, and gargoyles made of stone to protect them during the day. Hircine created Lycanthropes, and gave them instincts to live in packs. Malacath however had no creature to send into combat as his representative. Running out of time he stole slivers of skin and blood from each of the three new creations, alone with less notable creations of other Princes. Then he stole slivers from the three tribunals. Malacath then mixed them together using a spell with the intention of making the next Demi-Primal being. What I became was, well, not what he had invisioned. Skin as hard and dark as Ebony and Granite when in the form of a man, and bound to shift regularly, being partially were-bear. I also had the ability to use a mixture of some strange new magic to conjuer up the strengths of animals allowing me to create metaphysical limbs or power. But none of that changes the fact that I am ageless, soulless, the only creature of my kind. After a thousand years Immortal isn't what it was in the beginning.....
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